The Hills S06E03 | ‘The elephant in the room’

Posted by Kitty Kat On June - 29 - 2010

Realising Audrina has a boyfriend, Brody heads to the beach to spend some time with Kristin. Is this the start of something new or something that will go completely wrong?

While spending quality time together, as ‘friends,’ Kristin brings up the fact that Audrina has a boyfriend. Brody shows some interest, but keeps his cool persona as usual. Kristin makes sure to tell Brody that Audrina and Ryan are serious, more serious than they let people know.

Kristen thinks if she tells Brody, he will back off. We know Brody and we know he doesn’t let go so easy. Brody then cuddles up to Kristin and she is happy, but I think she is setting herself up for a fall.

With Heidi still wanting to play mom, she decides to hire a party planner for Enzo’s birthday. When Spencer arrives home he is angry at the fact and that he was not informed about it. Frankly, for once, I am with Spencer on this one. Really, planning a birthday party for someone else’s child? It is kind of creepy and I’m not the only one thinking it!

Brody, Frankie and Taylor are in the garage sorting out their cars for their night out. Brody has finally finished his car he has wanted since he was 18, which he names ‘Betty.’

The gang go bowling and the usual suspects, Kristin and Brody, are flirting as usual. Just to rain on Kristin’s parade, Audrina and Ryan walk in, but fortunately for Kristen, they do not stay long with Ryan’s jealousy. We can see Brody likes Audrina, and with Ryan around, Brody still won’t hide his feelings. Just as they leave Brody gives Audrina an exaggerated hug. Things could get ugly very soon.

Back in the land of Pratt, Enzo’s party has kicked off. While the elephant, yes you read it right, lifts the children Spencer is more involved in eating like an animal and not speaking to his friends. While his friends gather in the corner, they discuss the life Spencer has created for himself and the fact that it is not normal. His friends can only stand back and watch as they see his life crumble around him.

Audrina and Kristin hit the shops for some needed girl time and shoe shopping. You can tell Kristin is concerned about Brody’s feelings for Audrina, as she keeps bringing up Ryan. Audrina explains she wants to have ‘the talk’ with Ryan and Kristin pushes it and says she should. Is she doing it because she is looking out for Audrina? Or is she selfishly looking out for her own heart?

Spencer is accompanied by his friends and family at the kiddie table. Spencer goes into a crazy rant about not having people at the party that he wants to murder. While one of the children plays with a gun, Spencer decides to share. He wants to send the child after Heidi’s mom. Unfortunately Brody asks why? And Spencer proceeds to talk about Heidi’s mom in a disrespectful manner, something that should not be repeated. Spencer says these things with no concern for who is around him.
Holly, Heidi’s sister, is also there and is appalled by his words. Holly sticks up for her mom and Spencer threatens to remove her from the party, while Heidi sits there and does nothing, not even a disagreement. I’m sorry but if anyone said that about my mom, I’d be picking them out a coffin

Audrina and Ryan meet up and clarify their relationship. It’s official, they’re exclusive.

Meanwhile, Kristin and Brody meet up, which looks to be date. But is it? They have a nice conversation until they are interrupted by a text to Brody’s phone from Audrina. Now why would Audrina be texting when she was just on a date with Ryan?

Holly turns up to talk to Heidi about the situation at the party, when Spencer walks in. Holly is very honest and confronts Spencer about his actions. Of course Spencer loses the plot, once more, and attacks Holly verbally. Spencer cannot take the fact that Holly has stuck up for herself and walks out.

Holly breaks down and is looking for comfort from Heidi. Holly explains Spencer scares her and that she is scared for her sister. Heidi insists that her sister isn’t scared, nor should she be, and says she should call her more often. How can Holly call more often if she hasn’t got her number, not through her own choice either. Heidi, in denial once more, doesn’t realise the affect Spencer has on her life and everyone else’s.

Holly leaves and when she gets down to the bottom of the drive way, Spencer shouts down; “You’re clearly not welcome here!” Is it just me or is Spencer a wimp, who can only attack women? And at a distance too?

What will next week have in store? If its anything to do with the Pratt’s it will be drama….drama…drama.

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