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Free Rock Band DLC on Record Store Day

Yes, you read that title right. The word “Free” was used in conjunction with the words “Rock Band DLC” to convey a very simple message. Free Rock Band DLC. (On Record Store Day).

The Jump Off

A while back, I reviewed a great local band called Last Bullet. Well, that caught the attention of a local artist’s manager who is putting together another local show, and when I heard about it - I just had to spread the word!

The Social Network Score

The Social Network is one of the year’s best films. The dialogue is razor sharp, the acting is top notch, and the music is visceral and unsettling. And what else can you expect when the music is done by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) and Atticus Ross (frequent NIN collaborator, member of Trent’s How To [...]

Top 33 Rock Singers: #31 Brandon Boyd

Today brings us #31, Brandon Boyd of Incubus. Sure Incubus is kind of a sissy band now, but there is no denying that Boyd has a proper set of pipes on him.

Top 33 Rock Singers: #32 Chris Martin

Now, before you all start to flame me about how Coldplay isn’t “rock”, it technically can be considered a branch off of that genre. The same way a person could say that Thom Yorke and Radiohead could be as well. I love Coldplay, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I don’t think it’s a [...]

Top 33 Rock Singers: #33 Perry Farrell

Perry Farrell. I know, right? I bet you all didn’t see this one coming, but let me tell you why Perry is #33, and why he should be on more lists.

Top 33 Rock Singers

For awhile I’ve been saying how a post should be done compiling some of the best voices in rock, so here I am today. Unlike most lists, I won’t have them all at once and will instead choose to feature each one in an individual post that will come daily for the next 33 days. [...]

Playlist: Last Bullet

With recent reviews of Prince, Queen and Deftones, I thought it was only right we take a step away from mainstream media and, instead, take a step towards supporting local music. Showcasing and supporting local talent is very important to me, so, check out what I thought of a local band!

Purple Rain

1984 was the year of Big Brother, the Apple Macintosh, the “Crack Epidemic“, and Purple Rain.  Purple Rain, the title track to Prince’s Purple Rain soundtrack to Prince’s Purple Rain movie (whoa, recursive Purple Rain achieved), is considered by many to be one of Prince’s defining songs.  The single release has been certified Gold, and [...]

We Sing - Robbie Williams

Have you ever caught yourself singing Robbie Williams‘ tunes in the shower or in the car stuck in traffic? Well, why not make a night out of it with We Sing Robbie Williams!

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