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Wolverine: Origins (Xbox 360 Demo)

Posted by chris On July - 7 - 2009

Over the weekend, we downloaded the Wolverine: Origins demo on our Xbox 360.  I am generally hesitant of movie adaptations, but Lindsey had seen some gameplay footage, and I had read a great deal about the game, so we felt it would be a fun, free demo.  I gave it a shot on Sunday night, and was immediately impressed by the graphics.  The introductory FMV does a good job of introducing the character for people who might not have seen the movie (such as myself), as well as setting up the demo mission.  Your first control of Wolverine in the demo comes while falling out of an exploding helicopter, many hundreds of feet above the ground.  It is limited movement control, enough to dodge oncoming bullets and missiles.  Near the end of the fall, the game takes over and seamlessly transitions to another FMV, which sees Wolverine land, claws first, into a soldier’s head, followed by dismemberment of his comrades.  Control is returned, again, seamlessly, and you set out to rid the area of enemies.

The controls are unbelievable.  The movement and attacks are incredibly fluid.  It gives you a feel of how Wolverine would move in real life.  The controls are very intuitive, seeming to know what I want to do before I actually do it, resulting in very smooth and clean gameplay.  What I was most surprised by was the level of violence and gore in the game.  I can’t remember playing a game that was so realistically and visually violent without the use of zombies.  It was intense and excessive, in a very good way.

Based on the quality of the demo experience, I am very eager to get my hands on a full copy of this game.  Once I do, I’ll put up a better review.

-Because I said so

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