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Huggies Jeans…Diapers?

Lately I’ve been watching television, which is rare since I mostly spend my time either playing video games or on the computer. One commercial in particular has caught my eye, and as I type this, it’s on TV. No lie. type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” allowfullscreen=”true” width=”480″ height=”385″> Huggies diapers, that look like jeans. Why? Fortunately they are [...]

‘Grown Ups’ Review

Everybody should go out and see Grown Ups while it’s still in theaters, but be careful of who you sit next to. With that out of the way, let’s get into just how hilarious Grown Ups really is. The plot for the movie is that the five main stars (Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, [...]

Movie Madness

Yesterday Chris and I went to see ‘Grown Ups,’ the new Adam Sandler movie. While the movie itself was great, almost everything else about it wasn’t. Normally we go to Edwards Cinemas up in River Park, but Chris wanted to go all the way out to Sierra Vista because of the amazing candy store, Powell’s [...]

Resident Evil: Revelations 3DS Trailer

So I was browsing around this gaming press site I am a member of, looking for press releases and what not, and all of a sudden I saw this little blurb about a Resident Evil trailer for Nintendo 3DS. Oh reallllllly….. Resident Evil has always been a favorite for me, but they lost me with [...]

My Birthday Wish List

With my 28th (I know, I’m so old) birthday coming up in just 5 days, I feel a wish list is in order. If little kids can get away with it, then I have every right to have a list too. The items listed range from highly unlikely to possible, and are placed in no [...]

Calling Dr. Osbourne

I am a fan of Ozzy Osbourne, for the most part.  I believe that his work with Black Sabbath was crucial to the development of heavy metal as we know it today, and I would gladly list the Paranoid album as one of my top 25 favorite albums of all time.  I would gladly list [...]

Insanely Cheap Comic Books

While browsing one of my favorite time-killer sites, I saw an article that grabbed my immediate attention. I like comic books. I like them even better when they’re cheap, and let me tell you brother, this is cheap. Barnes & Noble is discounting select bargain books by around 80% (some higher, some lower). I purchased [...]

Blogathon Announcement: And Our Charity is….

Hello there World of Meh! readers. Last month I told you all that we would be doing the Blogathon again this year. I also hinted at what our charity would be. I did get a couple of guesses, but nobody got it right. With sign-ups officially starting on July 1st, I figured I should let [...]

Our Sunday Snafu

Sunday was a crazy day. We were both exhausted from our Anniversary celebration the night before, and I was even more tired because I went to sleep feeling a little sick and with a migraine. That morning, Chris made us a delicious breakfast and then we found out about that fantastic Blur game deal, so [...]


Back in March, I was fortunate enough to grab a code for the Blur multiplayer beta.  I tried it out, and enjoyed it immensely, but didn’t play more than a couple of days due to time restraints.  Eventually, Blur fell out of my thoughts, and it seemed long forgotten.  Forgotten, that is, until yesterday, when [...]

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