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Year 1 - Episode 7 Recap

Posted by chris On February - 15 - 2009

Our Friday the 13th episode started with some unlucky technical difficulties, resulting in a late start of almost 10 minutes!  We sincerely apologize, but we were so busy playing on our new Wii that we didn’t take the time to confirm that everything was ready to go.  Our bad.

This episode saw Lindsey in aluminum devil horns (which were easy to do since all she did was wrap them around her real horns - I’ll probably get in trouble for that one).  We discussed the See’s Candy dental assistant conspiracy, a ridiculous experience we had at the local Apple store, Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman, Maynard coming to our local Whole Foods, Chris Brown and what a bastard he is, our new wii, Lindsey’s new iPhone, cool iPhone apps, the recently ported Kingdom Hearts game, the Joydick (masturbatory game controller), our neighbors finally being kicked out, the bailout plans, the stimulus, the problems Scholastic and the Amazon Kindle are facing, Lindsey’s tax experience, Lindsey’s wish to return to college, our fridge problem, and our gross chicken problem.

We discussed our dog Donnie and his brush with the police, a cool little kitty cat in our apartment complex, my little cousin Pantera, the legend of the Dude from Unit 131, our rediscovery of a local frozen custard place, my Jay and Silent Bob alarm clock, Nip Tuck, Scrubs, Heroes, and South Park.

Good show!

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