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Review - Naruto Shippuden: Naruto vs. Sasuke for DS

It seems like anime is everywhere these days. From what once was a niche market for a small group of geeks within geeks, it’s exploded in popularity and you can see its influence in every game store when you browse. And one of the most popular is Masashi Kishimoto’s creation, Naruto. The series has become a juggernaut, with anime, manga, movies and games. And here’s the latest handheld game in the franchise. Is it any good? Well… Read the full story

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Duke Nukem Forever Will Be Out On May 3

The headline says it all. Read the full story

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Review: Metal Slug (PSN)

Walk right. Shoot everything. Read the full story

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Review: Chainz Galaxy (PC)

For the past week I’ve been tinkering around with Chainz Galaxy, the latest casual offering from MumboJumbo Games. With colorful graphics, a cute story, and familiar gameplay, I knew immediately I would enjoy the game.

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Review: Kinect Sports (X360)

First, there was Wii Sports and stories of people letting go of their controller mid-tennis match and smashing their TVs. Then, PlayStation Move came out with its version, Sports Champions, and we heard the same stories. Well, Xbox’s Kinect takes away that fear by taking away the controllers! All while still providing a great sporting experience!

Read the full story

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Dawn of Fantasy (PC) Slated for June 3 Release

Fantasy MMORTS Dawn of Fantasy, currently being developed by Reverie World Studios, was announced today to have a new publisher and release date. 505 Games plans to release the game exclusively to PC on June 3, 2011.

Players will be able to choose from three races upon creating their kingdom: men, elves and orcs. Each will offer a radically different playing style due to the strengths and weaknesses of each. Players will be able to play in two different modes, the single-player campaign and the persistent multiplayer campaign. Combined with the in-game narrative, Dawn seeks to engage players through both strategy and storytelling.

But more impressively, the engine is designed to render thousands of units on screen at a time. That is to say, when you siege your neighbor’s citadel of two thousand well-armed men with your army of five thousand raging orcish barbarians, it will be truly epic. Dawn of Fantasy will feature Total War-scale battles in a massively multiplayer format. Where can you go wrong?

Dawn of Fantasy plans to deliver a “persistent world war experience like none before.” Massively multiplayer real-time strategy is certainly not a very well represented genre, but Dawn looks like it might be able to revive and even redefine the genre. Check out the official page for more information.

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Review: Little Big Planet 2 (PS3)

The release in 2008 of Media Molecule’s first Little Big Planet warmed the palette and broke the mould of Playstation 3′s repertoire.

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There Are Now Even More DCU Online Servers

Apparently a lot of people really want to play this game. Sony just keeps having to make more room for them. Read the full story

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New Trailer and Details on Super Monkey Ball 3D (3DS)

Sega has just released a bunch of new information, screenshots, and trailer for Super Monkey Ball 3D. Everyone’s favorite simian, AiAi, trapped in a plastic ball and desperately in need of bananas, will soon return on the 3DS. This time, with two new modes: Monkey Fight and Monkey Race. Check out the new trailer below.

In addition to the new gameplay modes, there will still be the single-player puzzle mode, all of which is featured in the new screenshots from Sega. Look for it in early 2011, exclusively for the 3DS. For more information, check out the official page.

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Review: Chainz Galaxy (iPad)

A casual iPad game all about using chains to create a world. No, it’s not an S&M game… how could you think that? The little men in the game look like Jesus. And now they’re mad at you. Read the full story

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