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Posted by lindsey On July - 2 - 2009

If any of you are regulars to our blog, you will know that a few months back we created some forums.

Unfortunately we are lazy bastards, and really didn’t do much with them. Sure there were a few posts done, a few people signed up… but it could’ve been so much more.

Since I’ve grown frustrated with many of the current gaming forums and sites out there, I figured that we should improve on what we have instead of going out there and bothering with other sites that don’t give two fucks what we think or feel.

After getting frustrated with CSS, I am proud to announce that our forums have a new, beautiful look to them and will be constantly updated as the days go by.

If you want to be a part of our growing community, and want to share something special with us, please sign up on our forums and help us get the ball rolling!

Hope to see you there!

- She Who Has The Last Word

(P.S… tell a friend, it’s always appreciated!)

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