Insanely Cheap Comic Books

Posted by chris On June - 23 - 2010

While browsing one of my favorite time-killer sites, I saw an article that grabbed my immediate attention. I like comic books. I like them even better when they’re cheap, and let me tell you brother, this is cheap. Barnes & Noble is discounting select bargain books by around 80% (some higher, some lower). I purchased Wolverine: Weapon X, Wolverine by Claremont and Miller, and Ultimates 2: Volume 1 for $2.99 each. They have a limited supply of these things, though, and may not be pristine, so if you’re a hardcore collector, these may not be the purchases you are looking for.

To quote Barnes & Noble:

Note: This is a bargain book and quantities are limited.  Bargain books are new but may have slight markings from the publisher and/or stickers showing their discounted price.

I’m perfectly fine that that, personally. All I care about is the 80% savings on two of the best Wolverine trade paperbacks of all time.

Go buy while there’s still time!

-[insert I BUY WHEN I WANNA BUY! here]

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