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Writers Wanted

Posted by lindsey On June - 9 - 2010

Currently, World of Meh! is handled by both myself and Chris. With Chris working full-time, 6 days a week, and me only being able to think up of so much to write about, we are looking for a few bright, snarky, and geeky individuals to join us.

I should probably state that it’s a voluntary position meaning there is no financial compensation involved. World of Meh! is a labor of love, and to date, we haven’t made a cent off of it, although we wouldn’t complain if we started to earn some form of revenue from it. Before I go off on a tangent, let me lay out the details:

  • There is no daily/weekly posting quota. Post whenever you can, although more is always better because it helps boost traffic.
  • We ask that you do your best regarding English and grammar. We reserve the right to edit any posts if you’ve accidentally missed anything.
  • Please keep in theme with the site. If you go through past posts, you will see that we don’t mind swearing, nudity (as long as you flag it), off the wall topics… but we won’t allow racism, Sarah Palin, posts/mentions about animal or child abuse, sex crimes, or anything else that will make men in suits want to bash down our door.
  • You will be given your own special email address
  • We will add you to our upcoming ‘Contact Us’ page with links to your Twitter, Xbox Live Account, and other shit like that.

Since we currently don’t own a PlayStation 3 console, we would love to have a writer for that. We would love to have a few more writers with Xbox Live accounts so we can host a Community Playdate. Also, with E3 beating down our door, we will need the extra hands to help cover that. We can’t do it all on our own. It’s just too much. With that being said, we’re going to need help for the upcoming Blogathon. Our current plan is to divide the day into shifts, because when Chris and I did it by ourselves last year, we wanted to die. No joke.

So, if interested, please email me ([email protected]) a writing sample or link to your blog/site if you are currently writing somewhere else, an estimate on how many posts you think you could contribute in a week, a brief summary about yourself describing interests and any relevant experience you may have, and your AIM screen name, if you have one.

Chris and I will review all submissions as soon as they come in, and we want to have this all sorted out by next Monday. Although I should probably say that if any submissions are turned in after Monday, we will still seriously consider them, because we know that if the tables were turned, we would want somebody to do that for us.

Good luck, and thank you all in advance for wanting to be a part of this!

- Me

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