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Sword of Truth - Temple of the Winds

The history of the war that Richard Rahl now finds himself in is fleshed out in more detail in Temple of the Winds, the fourth book of the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind. The Emperor of the Imperial Order, Jagang, has forced Richard Rahl into following a prophecy with only two endings, both [...]

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Review

We rented X-Men Origins: Wolverine over a week ago, but since I work, and we had a busy weekend, it’s taken me the full week to finally complete the game.  Now, on to the review! I’ll start with the complaints.  Primarily, the game was short.  At least, shorter than I would have liked.  However, when [...]

Sword of Truth - Blood of the Fold

Blood of the Fold is the third book in Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, and it continues the story of Richard Rahl, while introducing some new characters to the universe. Following the events of the second book, Stone of Tears, a new threat is becoming evident to the New World (the home of Richard [...]

Sword of Truth - Stone of Tears

Terry Goodkind continues the story of Richard Rahl in Stone of Tears, book two of the Sword of Truth series. Richard, after discovering in the first book that he is the son of the evil tyrant he had to defeat, finds himself seemingly betrayed in this book, putting him up against a new set of [...]

Sword of Truth - Wizard’s First Rule

Wizard’s First Rule is the first book in the Sword of Truth fantasy series by Terry Goodkind.  Wizard’s First Rule introduces you to Richard Cypher, a skilled woodsman and ranger in Westland who becomes a true hero. If that plot sounds familiar, then you’ve read a fantasy novel of any kind.  The normal, unassuming individual [...]

Asshole friend

Whoever did this is a real asshole… … … … But it makes for a hilarious GIF! That can’t have felt good. -Because I said so

Zelda DS Winner!

Good Afternoon, It is now 1:00 PM, and time to announce the fab winner of our Zelda contest. Before that, I’d like to again give congrats to deaf omega and Ancientwolf13 who both won prizes in our Harry Potter giveaway. OK, now to the good stuff. The winner is………….. . . . . . . [...]

Harry Potter Winners!

Well, it’s Monday, and it’s 11:00 A.M. I am pleased to announce that the First Place winner of Harry Potter is - deaf omega! You will be receiving 1 of the Harry Potter posters and the slap bracelet. Hope your little one enjoys! The runner up, winning the other Harry Potter poster is - Ancientwolf13! [...]

Bed Time!

OMG! It’s 6 AM. It’s time for bed! Thank you so much for sharing this Blogathon experience with us. Thank you to all of our Sponsors. To all of you who couldn’t be a sponsor, we can still accept sponsors and donations up until this Friday around midnight so please keep spreading the word about [...]


What is this? Can it be….. 5:30 in the morning? Oh sweet merciful! Sorry that our recent posts have lacked images, but I honestly can’t be bothered to keep everything going and do all of that on top of it. I will go through the blog tomorrow (or shall I say later on today) and [...]

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