About Meh

What is Meh?  According to the ancient Egyptians, Meh was short for a cow deity goddess who was the personification of the entire Milky Way galaxy.  According to people who actually matter, Meh describes something uninspiring, apathetic, mediocre, lackluster, and unenthusiastic.  I apologize to the teeming masses of Egyptologists that have come across our little world by mistake, but the latter definition of “Meh” is more indicative of our content than the former.


For the rest of you, please enjoy our thoughts on a variety of subjects, including, but not limited to, movies, tv, video games, books, technology, and the world.


For the time being, World of Meh is whatever World of Meh is.  I may post video game reviews, random thoughts, literary creations, and more.  Who knows what you’ll find!

-[insert RANDOM STATEMENT here]


The World of Meh will be a place where I can say whatever I want, whenever I want. I am a pretty opinionated person so for me, this will be a place of sanity. On other social internet sites I constantly feel as if I have to watch what I say or else people might start to judge me or even start making assumptions. I really want to have a lot of fun with this blog because the possibilities are truly endless. I hope to come across people with similar interests, and even people with opposing views. Maybe 5 years down the road this site will cease to exist, or it could have flourished into this amazing site where people from across the globe can come together and just say “meh.”

-She Who Has The Last Word

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