Inquiries Presented More Often Than Not (IPMOTN)

To be perfectly honest, these inquiries have not been presented to us very often.  In fact, only one inquiry has been presented, and it was presented only once.  But for your sake, I’m willing to put my personal integrity aside in the creation of this blatant lie.

The things I do for you…

How do I add an avatar?

Dear God, this one gave me no end of trouble until I got a tip from our Twitter friend @MsClovisEskimo, pointing me to  I had an account on Gravatar already, but had never really set it up properly, and had forgotten all about it until then.  Gravatar offers an interesting service.  You are able to create an account and associate multiple email addresses with said account.  You can then upload avatar pictures and assign different pictures to different emails (or the same picture to every email, or whatever).  Wordpress blogs will then automatically check your user email against the Gravatar database, and if your email exists with an avatar, that avatar will be used!  It does take an hour or two after you set an avatar for WordPress to pick it up, so don’t worry when you don’t see it right away!

This is the exact same thing as a F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) page.

Nonsense.  Those are Frequently Asked Questions, while these are Inquiries Presented More Often Than Not.  It couldn’t be more night and day if I tried.

Dude, seriously.  It’s a F.A.Q. page.

No it isn’t times infinity.

Real mature.

I know you are, but what am I?

No more inquiries for now.  When we think of more, we’ll go ahead and put them up!

That’s when we’ll know we’ve hit the big time!

-Because I said so

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