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Our Sunday Snafu

Sunday was a crazy day. We were both exhausted from our Anniversary celebration the night before, and I was even more tired because I went to sleep feeling a little sick and with a migraine. That morning, Chris made us a delicious breakfast and then we found out about that fantastic Blur game deal, so [...]

Why I’m Starting to Hate Facebook

Having had a Facebook account for a few years now, and in the recent year started to use it more, I’m really starting to get sick of it. I originally joined Facebook to make contact with friends I went to school with, and wanted something more mature than shitty Myspace. Myspace was filled with all [...]

No More Heroes

On Friday, May 14th,  it was announced that the bastards at NBC pulled the plug on Heroes. NBC has been doing a lot of stupid things lately (don’t even get me started on the whole Conan bit…) so I suppose we can add this to their long list of fuck-ups. Heroes started off with a [...]

Almighty Mr. Ice for iPhone

Over the past few days I’ve been looking for some new iPhone games to get, and when scrolling through the recent titles I saw one named Almighty Mr. Ice. When I read the description, it looked like a simple little side-scrolling platformer, and was similar to Mario. I started to become genuinely interested in downloading [...]

Twitter Messes Up Again (Shocker!)

For the past couple of days, Twitter has been…unreliable. Sure we’ve had problems with Twitter in the past, and feel like the Fail Whale is a part of the family, but it’s getting to be a bit too much. Last night the dreaded Fail Whale started making multiple appearances on peoples screens, when trying to [...]

Xbox 360 Technical Support (GRR)

I understand that a company as large as Microsoft requires a very large technical support staff.  I can understand that putting their technical support centers in India is more cost-effective for them.  I can understand that, since the centers are in India, they are more likely to use scripts and automatic emails to get over [...]

An Interesting Altercation

I like love NEED to wash my hands.  I wash them very thoroughly and very vigorously on a frequent basis.  If I touch our dog, I wash my hands.  If I touch a bathroom door (or anything in a bathroom), I wash my hands.  If I touch a slightly dirty dish, I was my hands. [...]

Donnie’s Dookie Disaster!

Almost all of you who read this blog know about our dog Donnie. For those of you who don’t, last year Chris and I adopted a dog who was already named Donnie. At the time he was 4, was owner released, and is a Terrier/Chihuahua mix. Luckily Donnie took on more of the Terrier traits [...]

The Adventures of AT&T and Apple: Mystery of the Assholes and the First Generation iPhone

I own a first generation iPhone.  I don’t qualify for an upgrade price until October of 2010, so I will continue to own a first generation iPhone for quite a while, I believe.  I have, generally, had no problems with my phone, and have held it very close to my heart since my wife bought [...]

Big Trouble in Little China

When life shits on you, it really shits on you. Aside from the issue of my family refusing to attend my wedding, even though their reasons are hypocritical, and the death of Lindsey’s great great uncle last week, a new pile of bullshit has just landed square on our heads. Sorry, no details for now, [...]

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