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Posted by Kitty Kat On June - 28 - 2010

Ok, so before you start to read on I came up with an idea to do a list every Monday. A list, which will include details of my everyday life, games and what I feel is necessary to discuss. If you feel that I am missing something throughout the week, let me know and I can see if I can spice it up a little with your suggestions. For now, here goes nothing…..

Monday - Was boring, I changed my twitter name to @Purrfect_10. Not because I’m purrfect but my blog name is now purrfect 10 due to my insane, and occasionally OCD, need to write lists.

iPhone 4 was leaked. Apple is crazy with their need to keep producing over active phones.

Tuesday - “Family Fun Day” The title says it all really. My daughters school had a day where all the children and parents came together one last time before the school closes (yes, the education system has gotten that bad in N. Ireland).

This day was fun; it included face painters, cartoon artist, balloon makers, bouncy castles and boxing ring, the works really. Even though they made it to be a ‘family fun day,’ us adults were not allow to use, touch or go on anything. So I decided to use my camera and take some pictures, it has been a while since I done some photography, so it was a great opportunity.

Wednesday - I went to an interview for another course starting in September. I meet some nice people, though I won’t be joining the course as I’ll be living it up at university.

I was selling a phone on a local website and, for once, it got sold, yay. Unfortunately I had to reply to a lot of emails regarding the handset explaining it was sold, but you take the good with the bad huh? I then got a rather un-nerving email, “How good are you with a hard-on?” Needless to say, the guy didn’t like my reply and now I have had to get rid of a email address and start again, some people huh??

Thursday - ‘Sports Day.’ It was my daughter’s sports day. She won two medals, have no idea how, as she was too concerned with how she looked. Up came the parents race and her daddy decided to race against all the parents across P1 (Year one is primary school) and won, he got his medal too.

‘End of an era.’ I went to my graduation day and not only did I finish, and pass with flying colours, I got an award for Student of the year. The Student of the year award is decided on votes from fellow students. I am so honoured and pleased to have received this award.

Friday - Well I shall share a piece of me… Today is my Mum’s (Mom) birthday she would have been 65 but unfortunately I couldn’t be with her, she is spending it in heaven. I want to wish you Happy Birthday Mum, I miss you and I am thinking of you always xoxoxoxo

Saturday - All I can say here is QCON! Qcon is a gaming convention in Belfast, Northern Ireland. It is nowhere as big as E3, but we take what we can get here. As fun as it was, I found a large portion of it boring. Too many table top games and not enough hardcore console gaming. I shall be doing a full piece on this event so I do not want to place all the details here. So if you’re excited… It shall be upon you soon.

Sunday - Well yesterday was filled with films and games. No better day to chill out and be prepared for the week ahead.

Well that has been a small portion of each day of my week. It is a feeler or taster to see how well it reads, and yes, I am aware that it may not be exactly ten things about me, but we’ll get there.

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