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Google’s Next Step for World Domination

Posted by lindsey On July - 8 - 2009

Last night while I was in bed with Chris, I saw people talking on Twitter about Google owning Microsoft. (Just for future reference, if you ever see me use the word “owning”, I mean to own at like a video game, not own as in purchase or obtain.)

I clicked on the links to see what all the fuss is about, and boy did Google take a big fat dump on Microsoft. They announced that they are coming out with their own OS (operating system) and it should be coming out on netbooks in the second half of 2010. We are already in July, so that gives us a minimum of 12 months before this Google Chrome OS should be launched.

Google Chrome OS will be an “open source, lightweight operating system“ and that later on this year, they will open-source it’s code. Google says they’re “already talking to partners about the project, and we’ll soon be working with the open source community, we wanted to share our vision now so everyone understands what we are trying to achieve.”

People are heavily betting that the open source code is released right around the same time, if not the same day, that Windows 7 is released.

For more on the Google article, please check it out here on their official blog. More details are given, and I found it to be a fascinating read.

My question to you, readers, is this: How do you feel about the new Google OS? Are you willing to give it a shot, or are your hearts already set on Windows 7? If so, why? If not, then what features would you like to see Google Chrome OS have?

- She Who Has The Last Word

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