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El Pollo NADA!!

Posted by lindsey On January - 31 - 2009

So last night after the MehCast, Chris and I were hungry however we didn’t feel like cooking. After a long debate over random fast food places in the area I decided that I really wanted chicken. The closest place to us was El Pollo Loco.

I’ve been there before and have liked what I’ve had so far which made it an easy choice for me. I was craving flan and knew that I wanted a nice, juicy chicken breast. Maybe a leg too. Chris made a remark about how it would be so hilarious if they were closed. Me, being hungry, didn’t find it too amusing. After that, our evening hit a low note.

We went into the drive thru and Chris asked what I wanted. I told him to check to see if instead of a breast and wing, if I could have a breast and a leg. I also wanted my sides to be the refried beans and macaroni and cheese. Obviously I wanted the flan too. It’s so good!

At this point I am really into what I am about to have for dinner. One would even go so far to say that I was excited. Knowing my luck, I really shouldn’t get excited about anything nor should I look forward to anything because things tend to go sour.

Chris tells the lady behind the squawk box that I would like to know about the chicken boobage and leg combo. I then hear a sentence I thought I would never hear:

“Sir, we are out of chicken.”

Chris replies with, “What?”

“Yes, we are out of chicken for the evening.”

Chris: “For everything?”

“No sir, we have chicken for burritos, tacos and salads but not the roasted chicken.”

NO CHICKEN! THE PLACE ONLY SERVES CHICKEN! How in the hell can they call themselves “the crazy chicken” when they lack the product that they advertise!?!?!?!?!?

Being incredibly disappointed, I tell Chris that I no longer want anything there and we left, hanging our heads low.

For those of you wondering what we did end up having, we went to Farmers Boy’s Burgers that was in the same shopping center. Chris really enjoyed his burger mainly because the bacon was so crispy but my sandwich had way too much mayo so it was just meh.

Damn El Pollo Loco fucked my world up. Bastards.

- She Who Has The Last Word

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