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So long, and thanks for all the fish…

Posted by chris On May - 6 - 2010

The end comes for us all, and unfortunately, it seems that the end has come for the World of Meh.  To be fair, the end has been here for quite some time, sipping on tea in the lounge, waiting only for a formal introduction.  Well, ladies and gentlemen (all none of you, at this point), allow me the honor and privilege of introducing our dear friend, The End!

This will, most likely, be the last post on the World of Meh site.  The World of Meh has been heavily neglected over the past few months.  Lindsey’s last post was in July of 2009, and I have only contributed 30 posts (including this one) since that time, on a very inconsistent schedule.  I have tried over this period of time to be more productive with regard to the World of Meh, but the site was created for a purpose, and that purpose has long since been abandoned.  A backup has been made of the site’s content, and may one day be uploaded on a new endeavor as an archive, but until then, the World of Meh will have to exist solely in our hearts and minds, and a small .xml file on a portable hard drive.  The site will not be maintained beyond an undetermined point in the near future, as it currently costs $25/month just to keep the server active for something that is so obviously unused.

You can visit Lindsey at her new online home (where she writes with a proclivity and prolificness that has long since been absent from her writing at the World of Meh), the Brutal Gamer.  She is also available on Twitter.

You can visit Chris online on Twitter, but his e-presence is otherwise, for the time being, e-homeless.  Fear not, dear readers (who the fuck am I kidding with this shit?), I will, in time, find my way to a new home online where my words can spew forth like vomit into a bucket known as the Internet.

I wonder how long it will take for any of you to see this.  $20 says nobody even notices when the site finally goes offline.

Here’s looking at you, Internet.

-[insert bullshit here]

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3 Responses to “So long, and thanks for all the fish…”

  1. Austin Alan Taylor deaf_omega says:

    i would have noticed

    eventually ^_^

  2. chris says:

    Haha, I know you would have. I seriously thought Lindsey wouldn’t, though. x_x

  3. decrepdsol says:

    i don’t think she would have either…

    that’s okay, because the hitchhikers guide reference made it all worth it.

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