We’re Doing Blogathon Again!

For those of you who were around last year, in July Chris and I participated in this fabulous, and draining, thing called a Blogathon.

A Blogathon is where, for 24 hours straight, we put up a new post every 30 minutes - and we make no profit from it. Doing the Blogathon was crazy, hectic, semi-stressful (mostly due to us having a lot to do on that day), but it was for charity, and that made it worth it. Chris and I chose Reading is Fundamental because we both love to read, we both think that children having access to books is important, and it is a charity where the donated funds are used properly rather than into some CEO’s wallet.

After much debate, because after the one last year I got burnt out and stopped writing, we’ve decided to give it a go again this year. In the shower yesterday I thought of a deserving charity, and after discussing my idea with Chris, we are hoping that it all works out. I won’t say what the charity/group is yet, because if things don’t pan out, I don’t want to get peoples hopes up, but I will give a clue “headup.” If you think you know what it is, please keep it to yourself, or feel free to email me about it rather than put it in a comment.

So, the Blogathon this year will be July 31st, 6 AM PST until August 1st, 6 AM PST. Sign-ups for it will start on July 1st, and as the event gets closer, more details will be released. If you are able to donate/sponsor us, please start putting your money aside as we will be having drawings and contests throughout the Blogathon. We want to make this a really fun event for everybody. I’m thinking that for every dollar an individual donates, they earn one entry into the raffle. Depending on how many prizes we have, we might have a drawing every 2 hours. Start spreading the word too because, if we do end up helping out this charity, I can assure you that it will be the biggest thing to ever happen to this site. No joke.

I’m really excited, and anxious, about the Blogathon, and hopefully you guys are too. If there are any particular topics you want to see us touch on during the Blogathon, feel free to leave it in a comment below.

- Me

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3 Responses to “We’re Doing Blogathon Again!”

  1. decrepdsol says:

    i hope this works out. i’m curious how much you can come up with to discuss for that long, yet in such a short timespan.

    • lindsey says:

      Well we did it last year and managed to pull it off. Only downside was that I became burnt out on writing, big time. If we do the charity I hinted at in the post, we might make all of the Blogathon posts part of a theme to tie in with the charity. Of course, some of the posts will be about giveaways, and some posts will be about winners, so that will count towards the amount of posts we have to do.

      Last year we signed up for the Blogathon a little late, but we have a much longer heads up this year, so I’m not too worried about lack of topics.

      If you have any suggestions, feel free to put them in a comment :)

  2. Austin Alan Taylor deaf_omega says:

    I will totally win again I bet!

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