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iPhone 4 on T-Mobile…with Working 3G?

Past iPhones have been unable to access T-Mobile’s 3G network due to a difference in frequencies between AT&T and T-Mobile, AT&T using the 1900MHz frequency, and T-Mobile using the 1700/2100MHz frequencies.  Since AT&T uses the 1900MHz frequency for 3G, this is what iPhone’s have been manufactured with the ability to support, meaning that an unlocked iPhone operating on T-Mobile’s network only had access to EDGE speeds.  The new iPhone 4, however, may be able to bravely go where no iPhone has gone before: T-Mobile 3G.

How is this possible if the frequencies are different, you ask?  While looking through the technical specifications of the iPhone 4, I found that it supports Quad-Band UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA ranges (850, 900, 1900, 2100 MHz).  Previously, that “2100 MHz” was not included in the list of supported frequencies.  Now, with its inclusion, my limited technical knowledge assumes that the iPhone 4 is capable of unlocking and jumping to T-Mobile while retaining full speed functionality.

If I am incorrect, please comment and let me know, citing some sort of documentation or factoid proving me wrong.  Thanks in advance.

-[insert T-MOBILE FAN NERDGASM here]

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  • uelsimon

    This is also my assumption…and trying to figure out if other devices HTC HD2, MyTouch Slide 3g, etc use this 2100MHz frequency.

    The next question is… will the phone possibly be unlocked?

  • fearrange

    The new supporting 3G frequency is 900MHz and it is not what T-Movile USA using.

    Want prove? Look at iPhone 3Gs spec sheet.

  • chris

    That would be good to know.

    I am confident that, while not immediately, jailbreaking and unlocking tools will be made available by the online community for iPhone 4. As far as Apple selling it unlocked, like some hardware companies do, I’m not sure how their exclusivity contract affects that. Seeing the new range of frequencies, however, would imply that they are looking beyond their contract and making a device that will be able to run on multiple networks.

  • chris

    T-Mobile, as stated, uses the 1700 and 2100 MHz frequencies for 3G. The iPhone 3GS did not use 900MHz for 3G. 900MHz is a 2G frequency, as made very clear by the iPhone 3GS spec sheet.

  • chris

    Unfortunately, a friend just informed me that T-Mobile’s 1700/2100MHz network uses the 1700MHz for the uplink, and the 2100 for the downlink. Both frequencies must be used in order to create and maintain the 3G connection, so with only the 2100MHz frequency, and no 1700MHz frequency, I guess the iPhone 4 will not be able to use T-Mobile 3G after all.

  • fearrange

    “The new supporting 3G frequency is 900MHz”
    Did you read that? I didn’t even mention 2G frequency.
    I didn’t say iPhone 3GS got 900 as 3G frequency because that was not on the spec sheet.

    The NEW supporting 3G frequency on the iPhone 4 is 900MHz. The 2100MHz is supported on 3GS as 3G frequency. Which means that 2100HMz is not the new supporting 3G frequency.

  • chris

    I misunderstood your statement about looking at the 3GS spec sheet. I see what you mean now about 900MHz being the supporting 3G frequency on iPhone 4.

  • uelsimon

    I understand your argument about 3G. I guess i was hoping HSPA+ would have been different. But alas it seems I may ahve to give up my grandfather Voicestream acct after all.

  • spirit jailbreak

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  • Unlocked iphone4

    I have unlocked iPhone 4 from Canada and I m trying hard to get 3G on that using t-mobile but with no success. I know abt this frequency mismatch but any way out? Can we have 3G on iPhone 4 with t-mobile????

  • chris

    Currently, no, but I believe that T-Mobile will be addressing the frequency issue soon and adjusting it so that the iPhone can access 3G.

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