Episode 22 Recap


Episode 22 Recap

Holy crap, we forgot a recap for Episode 22!  Episode 22 saw heavy E3 coverage, as well as the death of David Carradine.  There was a lot of movie news, a bit of tv/music news, and the announcement of a new game from Midway, MORAL KOMBAT!

Our weekly picks:

Song of the Week (Chris): The Beatles - Helter Skelter

Song of the Week (Lindsey): Sir Mix-A-Lot - Put ‘Em On The Glass

TV Show of the Week (Chris): Merlin

TV Show of the Week (Lindsey): The Soup

Movie of the Week (Chris): Star Trek!

Movie fo the Week (Lindsey): Equilibrium

iPhone App of the Week (Chris): Fandango

iPhone App of the Week (Lindsey): Yellow Pages Mobile

Video Game of the Week (Chris): Fifa Soccer 2007

Video Game of the Week (Lindsey): Toe Jam & Earl

-Because I said so

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