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No More Heroes

Posted by lindsey On May - 24 - 2010

On Friday, May 14th,  it was announced that the bastards at NBC pulled the plug on Heroes. NBC has been doing a lot of stupid things lately (don’t even get me started on the whole Conan bit…) so I suppose we can add this to their long list of fuck-ups.

Heroes started off with a bang in Season 1, and showed such promise. As each season came and went, sometimes it felt like the direction of the show was lost. There were so many plot holes, countless loose threads, and fans never got closure to many important aspects of the show. For example - the Irish girl, Caitlin. Peter was so distraught about her being lost in the future for like, one episode, and then after that she was never mentioned once. NOT ONCE! How can you be so into somebody, give those googly eyes, and then when they are tragically left in some messed up future, act like they don’t even exist? Another example - Claire/Adam’s blood. When Nathan was burnt to a crisp after Peter went kaboom, Adam’s blood was used to heal him. When HRG dies from being shot in the eye by Mohinder, Claire’s blood was used to heal him and everything was just fine. This brings me to Nathan. Claire was on the other side of the door when Sylar was battling Peter and Nathan. Nathan had his throat sliced in half by Sylar, thus killing Nathan. Nathan was a fan favorite, and was basically killed in almost every single stupid season. Poor Adrian Pasdar couldn’t catch a break! I call bullshit for not having Claire’s blood heal Nathan (and for everybody forgetting that it was even a possibility), bringing him back to life, and sparing us from that horrific storyline involving Sylars body being the host for Nathans memories b.s.

The most recent season of Heroes ended months ago, leaving fans and cast members waiting for months to hear if the show was renewed, even if it was for a short 13 episode season. Could you imagine, having a massive fan base, having people wishing for something you work for to come back, and you are left waiting in the dark for months, not knowing if you will have a job to come back to? Yeah, that is what NBC did to each and every single person who worked on that show, and I’m not just talking about the actors. Heroes Key Make-up Artist, Wendi, has been trying to keep fans morale up for months, only to be crushed by the news. While her efforts were greatly appreciated, she, like all of us, was left hanging. Staff Writer, Oliver Grigsby, is really left in the dark because not only did he contribute to a few episodes, but he works on the graphic novel as well. Lastly, the Heroes Prop Master Extraordinaire, James Clark, went in to go wrap up it all up. There were so many others affected by this, but I could be here for days listing it all.

I, faithfully, watched Heroes every single Monday night when it was airing, and we own every season on DVD except for the most recent one. Heroes was a show we looked forward to each week, and it was the only reason why our channel was ever put on NBC. Through Heroes, I met some fantastic people on Twitter, and some even became some pretty awesome friends. Those like @BwaySaint, @Mia, @Sheindie, @JenTheFanGirl, @jhummrich, @nonethericher, and more quickly became some of my favorites on Twitter, and I know that  if it wasn’t for Heroes, I might never have found them.

Because of Heroes, many positive things happened. Greg Grunberg was able to use his celebrity for a good cause with Talk About It, ZQ fans went on to create The Sarmy, Hayden raised awareness about the dolphins in Japan, Milo gave the comic industry a great boost, and who could forget Adrian’s fantastic ocean adventures on his YouTube channel?

What we all lost was so much more than just a television show, and even though Heroes is gone, fans of the series will never forget all of the amazing moments we’ve shared. One moment that stands out the most for me was the true death of Nathan. After Peter realized what Angela, Parkman, and HRG had done, he was determined to get his brother back. Before we lost Nathan for good, there was a touching scene between the two brothers on a very familiar rooftop. The acting in this scene was so powerful, so real, and you could really sense a genuine connection between Adrian and Milo. When Nathan went off the side, emotions just poured out of me, and then when Peter, who was hanging on to him, finally let go…. I couldn’t stop crying. Just typing about it right now is making my eyes tear up. Watching Nathan, a character who was beginning to redeem himself, transform back into Sylar was so heart wrenching, and it’s a moment that I will never forget.

There is rumor that NBC might give fans a 2-hour “movie” to end the series for us, but can you really sum up the Heroes universe in 2 short hours? It wouldn’t even be 2 hours with all of the commercials, so if they really give a shit about the fans, they should do a two night special and make it 4 hours. I personally won’t be holding my breath regarding NBC, because odds are I’d end up being hunched over and dead, but hopefully they can get their heads out of their asses long enough to realize their mistake.

The kicker? NBC just announced that they are having a brand new superhero based show called “The Cape” start in the Fall. Sooo, what I’m hearing is that they aren’t willing to give a proper send off for a show that already has millions of fans, is one of the top shows world-wide, is the top downloaded show internationally, and has well-known cast members… but they are willing to spend money on a new superhero show, that has only 1 well known girl, Summer Glau (you know, the girl who has been on multiple cancelled shows? Firefly, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse), and will probably get the ax anyways?

Fuck you NBC, I hope your network sinks faster than the Titanic.

- Me

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