The Hills S06E04 | ‘This is goodbye’

Posted by Kitty Kat On July - 6 - 2010

On a nice sunny day two sisters meet, but its sisters through marriage. Steph and Holly meet up for lunch and to discuss their family falling apart. Neither girls are talking to their siblings so they don’t know were to start.

They both think that Heidi and Spencer are crazy and Holly just wants her sister to be happy, but with Spencer around will she ever be happy? Steph doesn’t want Heidi to simply be happy, she wants her to be normal again.

Kristin waits on Heidi joining her for lunch, and while compliments are exchanged Kristin goes in for the kill and brings up Spencer. Kristin was shocked at how Spencer reacted toward his sister Steph at her party. She expresses her concerns and comments on how Spencer scared her. Heidi defends Spencer, yet again, by saying he’s fun-crazy but Kristin reaffirms what she said ‘it’s scary’. Heidi has yet to realise how her life has changed with him in it; she has no one. Meeting up with someone at lunch does not necessarily make you friends.

Audrina makes the effort to turn up at her boyfriend Ryan’s work, to let him know her plans. Audrina wants Ryan to get to know her friends without the drama and she wants to get to know Ryan’s but with his insecurities and concerns with ‘drama’ it doesn’t look like her plan will go ahead.

The gang meets in the bar and it looks like a few drinks have been consumed and the party will soon be in full flow. Brody speaks to Audrina making it clear he has something to tell her but with prying ears nearby, it will not be a secret. Brody continues to talk about hooking up with Audrina but with Audrina and Kristin’s new found friendship and her love for Ryan she declines, leaving Brody licking his wounds.

Everyone is enjoying drinks and conversation when Spencer crawls out of the wood work. After he says hello to the boys, he ignores the girls. Brody asks Spencer how he got out and Spencer replies, “the warden released me”. Spencer and Brody talk, but it looks like Brody is pushing his thoughts and opinions on Spencer. Spencer looks teary eyed and before long Brody calls over Audrina. Audrina comes over to chat and asks were Heidi is? Spencer’s only reply is “You are the lamest girl in here!” Audrina walks away while Brody defends her and asks Spencer to calm down. Spencer has so much anger the only way for him to deal with anything is to become aggressive. Brody and Spencer get into a heated argument and Brody rejoins the group before something nasty happens. Everyone is in shock with Spencer’s actions once more.

Audrina and Kristin meet in the restaurant and wait on Heidi. Anxious about the meeting Audrina and Kristin start discussing some things when Heidi walks in. Again the topic is about Spencer, but you can tell they’re worried for Heidi. Heidi is on the defensive and can only say “you don’t know me”. Heidi makes it clear that she changed herself, it was not Spencer, and the reason people don’t hear from her is because she decided to cut them out of her life. Well done, you finally said it, we can only hope she fully understands why she has no support system!

Another night on the town and everyone’s there, including Heidi and Spencer. Heidi ignores the majority of the girls and gets out her crystals to describe them to Kristin. Oops, did I hear the men in white coats? With no one understanding what position or planet ‘Speidi’ are on, they leave.

Want some coffee? Wait I thought Kristin was home alone! No, she wasn’t Brody walks into the kitchen. They discuss what happened and Brody makes it clear he enjoys being single! Kristen agrees but quickly moves on to the topic of Spencer and Heidi to avoid being hurt. Really how much more can we all take of people talking about the land of ‘Speidi’?

Lo and Steph grab a coffee to go… and then head over to Kristin’s. Everyone has decided to meet at Kristin’s house to talk and work out what they are going to do about Heidi and Spencer.

After emotions are high and accusations are thrown there’s nothing else they can do. Holly and Steph are at a loss and it’s clear that it has upset them deeply. Holly suggests to do the same as you would do with an addict; cut them out of your life. Kristin, Audrina, Lo and Steph agree to cut Heidi and Spencer out of there lives, but will Holly? Is she ready to give up completely on her sister?? It was her suggestion after all.

With serious decsions  made, who will keep their word?

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  1. Lindsey Schaal lindsey says:

    Spencer is such a creeper, and that picture captures him perfectly. He’s so gross, along with his flesh colored beard lol!

  2. Christopher Chaffin chris says:

    The look on his face reminds me of Kenny Craig:

    Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around my eyes, look into my eyes, you’re under. Three, two, one…You’re back in the room.

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