The Hills S06E05 | ‘A New Bird’

Posted by Kitty Kat On July - 11 - 2010

So we kick off with Kristin and Brody out together in a bar and it seems like a date. I never know what is happening with these two as they swap and change so much. Again Kristin’s insecurities show by bring up how good Audrina and Ryan are together and to our amazement Brody agrees and changes the subject. Brody has lined up a date and informs Kristin, you can see she is shocked and explains she isn’t dating anyone, Brody clarifies, “I enjoy being single“. You can see by Kristin’s face, she isn’t going to let this go!

Steph and Lo meet up and Steph says she wants more in her life than AA meetings and to go to bed at 10pm; she wants a man! Oh Ohh!! Keep your sons locked up, there’s another crazy ‘Pratt’ on the loose! Lo suggests a guy she knows, called Max, that would be perfect for little miss sober. I do hate the way she needs to involve this personal matter in everything.

Kristin and Audrina have a cosy night in and discuss their boy issues. Audrina is happy she now has a label and Kristin is starting to get attached to Brody and is not sure she wants to be ‘friends with benefits’. All this talk of Brody, Kristin decides to call him but to her shock, her call is rejected again!

While Kristin’s call is rejected, we soon find out why! Brody is on the date he told Kristin about.

Brody and Charlie have a few rounds of golf while discussing the ‘new bird’. Charlie thinks she mightn’t last around the group of girls, but Brody thinks she’ll be fine. Will she fit in or will the meet be a massive fail?

Audrina goes to Steph’s house to talk about going out together and the fact that Audrina is happy, she convinced Ryan to come also. Ryan is still hung up on Brody but passing it off as his concern for ‘unnecessary drama.’ Steph slips in that Lo has found her a man and they’re going to have a double date. Even though she sounds happy she says she isn’t sure it’s the right time… hold on rewind… didn’t she say earlier that she is ready for a man? Seriously this girl has no idea what she wants. Steph is worried about her life right now, the DUI and jail but as Audrina makes it clear she doesn’t have to tell him everything. It’s a first date after all.

Everyone is meeting at the club and as more people arrive Brody starts introducing the ‘new girl,’ Mckaela. The girls have no idea what is going on and if Mckaela is Brodys new girlfriend. Everything is going smoothly until Kristin joins the party. Brody has his hands all over Mckaela and you can see that Kristin’s heart just broke, but Stacy is there to lend her a shoulder. At this point you can feel tension rising. Kristin joins Lo, Audrina and Steph but of course Lo being how she is, keeps asking Kristin is she ok? And we all know, when someone keeps asking are you ok? We get pretty upset!!

Brody decides to take Mckaela out of the situation and while leaving he has heated words with Kristin.

Kristin and Stacy are out for a walk and discuss the drama of last night. What turned out to be a friendly chat turned into a complete bitching session about Brody and his new fling.

Steph’s getting ready for her big date and while picking shoes Lo goes to let the boys in. When the boys come up to the apartment they get into a conversation about where they’re going and Scott asks Steph has she been there? Instead of Steph listening she is staring and while caught in the act, they leave and head to dinner.

They get to dinner and pleasantries and exchanged. Lo and Steph duck out to powder their noses, but for Lo its to find out is she likes Max. Back at the dinner table and Max is impressed, I wonder if this will go anywhere?

At the end of the night Steph and Max exchange numbers and Max hopes to set a date up without team Lo and Scott.

Back to reality of relationship trouble, Kristin calls to Brody’s condo. She wants to sort out the mess that has been created by them both. But while Kristin wants Brody, he is too busy enjoying being single to even care about Kristin or her feelings. So instead of things being fixed an argument arises and feelings are left unresolved.

What will happen next?…

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