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Think Geek, FTL

Posted by lindsey On March - 12 - 2009

Earlier last week I placed an order with Think Geek. I had never ordered anything from them before but Chris had. I was familiar with their products and if I had all the money in the world, I would probably order one of everything they sell because they have some pretty awesome stuff.

One of the things I ordered was this putty type stuff that is used to help fix electronics. Chris has had problems with his iPhone since last year when he dropped it. One of the wires that connects the battery popped off so at random times his phone shuts off. He also has to watch his battery life because if it gets below the halfway point it will shut off.

It has caused a lot of frustration for him, which is understandable, so instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars for a new phone we decided to try that goopy stuff. Since I wanted something for myself, I started browsing the site.

About a month ago I saw a “FTW” mug that I thought was awesome so I added that to the order as well. I was really excited about the mug because I was planning on using that as my official cup for when we do our MehCasts. I knew it wasn’t going to arrive by last Friday but I was hopeful about it being here for tomorrows show.

Around 4:30 yesterday I got a call from the delivery company sayng that there was a problem in that they couldn’t find our apartment or that they didn’t have our apartment number which is odd because when I created my account on Think Geek I put in the apartment number. Oh well. Anyways, after that was straightened out they told me they would be delivering it today but I wasn’t given a time.

That brings me to this morning. Around 9:30 there was a knock at the door. Chris was home and was just about to leave to go to work so he answered the door and signed for the package. I immediately knew what it was and got so stoked! Chris came into the bedroom with the package because I was still in bed (it’s toasty OK?) and opened it.

First thing he pulled out was his stuff that he will be trying out tonight, second thing he pulled out was their catalog they send with orders, and then he reached for the mug that was in a huge coat of bubble wrap.

As he was lifting it, you could hear a clanking sound as if something was inside the mug and moving around. Upon closer inspection you could see what was making the noise……

My poor mug arrived to me with a broken handle   :(

So now I have to contact them, ship the broken bastard back and wait for another one to come. Knowing my luck, that one will have some flaw as well.

I’m sad because I was wanting it so badly but now I have nothing! Tomorrow night on the show I will sadly be using just a regular glass. Nothing special, nothing fantastic…….

Nothing full of win.

- She Who Has The Last Word

(and just to clarify, I know it’s not their fault. It was probably the shippers who broke my poor baby.)

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