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Year 1 Episode 4 Recap

Posted by chris On January - 24 - 2009


Within that one word lies the secret of our success with last night’s MehCast.  Lindsey wore a top that almost completely failed to conceal her cleavage, which was a reoccuring topic throughout the night.  Overall, we feel that it was a good episode.  We had a lot of fun, and a large (large for us, I mean) number of viewers.  Unfortunately, due to streaming through our wireless router, we also had a large lag (for some people, up to 90 seconds).  Next week we’ll pull out our extra long ethernet cable and hook it up that way, which will hopefully solve the lag problem.

We had a large variety of topics to discuss.  We started off with a timeline of our week, going through our experiences on a daily basis.  I had taken this week off from work so that we could meet with many wedding vendors for our wedding at the end of this year.  We discussed ridiculous price differences between different vendors ($300 cake vs. $1000 cake, and $4000 flowers vs. $2000 flowers).  We went into a little detail about our wedding cake of choice.  We discussed a flower arrangement shop that didn’t do flower arrangements.

Other topics included Lindsey’s workout regime, our lack of a trip to San Francisco, an elbow in my face, cartoon violence and video game violence, and crazy drivers.  We went into our apartment being sprayed for spiders, which had been a problem, and a wasp issue at a local Burger King restaurant.  We talked about Heath Ledger’s Oscar nomination, the abomination known as Smallville, as well as other shows and movies like Kitchen Nightmares, America’s Best Dance Crew, Firefly, Hell’s Kitchen, the Street Fighter movie, This is Spinal Tap, The Fall, Rome, and more.  We discussed Joaquin Phoenix’s rap turn, and the videos that have popped up on the internet.  We talked about a couple of songs we liked, such as Spinal Tap’s Big Bottoms, and the Anti-Nowhere League’s So What.  We also talked about the lack of real multiplayer download play for the Nintendo DS game, Left Brain Right Brain.

All in all, it was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed the episode a great deal.


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