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The Twitter Gestapo!

Posted by lindsey On February - 22 - 2009

Yesterday, while playing Animal Crossing, Chris and I decided to check out the Married Gamers (Chris and Kelly) live podcast on Ustream. It was really entertaining and we found ourselves laughing a lot. Towards the end of their podcast they mentioned that they were going to get some lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Chris was in the kitchen getting ready to make lunch so I asked him if he would want to go and meet up with them. He basically said, “sure, why the hell not?” We sent out a message on both of our Twitter accounts, even telling @MsClovisEskimo (Melyssa) that she better get her buns there too, letting our fellow local followers know that they were more than welcome to join in the festivities.

When we got to Chick-Fil-A, Chris and I saw Dane (the guy we stood in line with for the Maynard wine signing) and chatted with him for a bit. Totally didn’t know that he worked there. So once everybody got there we ordered our food and sat down. Since we are slaves to the Twitter machine, all of us couldn’t help but keep checking our accounts every 3-5 minutes. Some of us were getting people saying how they were never invited (yet we CLEARLY sent out about 5 messages), some criticized our location choice, and then it seemed as if there was a mini rivalry going on. Some other local tweeters were having an impromptu meet up at the Fashion Fair Mall and I joked that we should totally go there with leather jackets and pull off some West Side Story number. Obviously that got a laugh.

Taken by @MsClovisEskimo

We had a pretty amazing conversation during our stay at Chick-Fil-A (did you get my clever rhyme? lol) which resulted in much laughter. I swear it felt like everybody in there was probably staring at us.

Dane kept coming around and was giving us strange looks but we were having a great time. We talked about the Tweet Up, laughed about stupid things I did when I was younger like shaking my ass out of a car window during my high school years to “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot, video games, more nerdy stuff, and then we came up with a great idea for another Tweet Up but I will not give out the details because it’s far too amazing to share right now. I guess it serves you right for not coming to our uber cool party!

Taken by @MsClovisEskimo

One thing that was amazing was a guy in a royal blue soccer jersey. We aren’t sure if it was one for a team or his own, but the poor unfortunate man had the last name of “KAKA” on his back. Upon seeing this we all immediately chuckled like a bunch of school children, and then reached for our phones to take a picture. Oh, the age of technology!

Here is Exhibit A:

Chris took this wonderful picture. Since he sat down before we could get a great angle, Chris got up and asked for more water up at the front and on his way back took the shot. It was a wee bit obvious but I guess it was a good thing that he had his back turned towards him! After Chris put it up, I retweeted it, Chris and Kelly retweeted it, and then Melyssa retweeted it. Then a guy on my list retweeted my retweet of a tweet! Currently that one image has gotten more than 102 views! HOORAY FOR KAKA!

Another thing that made us laugh at was when Dane came around and asked what Twitter was. We weren’t laughing at him, I just want to clarify that. We were laughing at the fact that we probably made the site seem so overly interesting since we were talking about it and having a grand ol’ time. At one point we looked at our phones and noticed it was after 6 PM. We spent over 3 hours inside Chick-Fil-A and it was fantastic.

From there we went to Cali’s Frozen Custard which is in the old Java Jet right next to Chili’s off of Fresno and Herndon before we all went to Best Buy. Melyssa was following behind us and Chris neglected to let her know that his turn signal lights weren’t working (we have to fix the fuse). Since we also failed to get phone numbers and needed to ask which Best Buy everybody wanted to go to, we got on Twitter and asked it lol! The obvious choice was the one in River Park since it was the closest to our custard location. Chris and I were the first in line for the drive thru so once we got our tasty treats we waited for everybody else.

Back of our car taken by @MsClovisEskimo

We literally looked like a caravan, driving around in a line, and when we got to Best Buy we even parked near each other.

Right at the entrance of Best Buy they had this sign which I must say is pretty hardcore of them:

Taken by ME!!!

Inside Best Buy we were given a rare treat. Chris and I are looking at upgrading our equipment we use for our show on UStream so the webcam department was our first of many stops in the store. Some of the employees were there restocking the shelves when I caught a glimpse of something ridiculous. I was standing there with Melyssa when it walked on by and I gave her this look like “I totally hope you saw that too!” Of course she did and then the laughter started up again. We immediately let everybody else in our group of awesomeness know and then they too joined in with the giggles.

Taken by @MsClovisEskimo

We were laughing at this guy who was blonde, pretty pale, and rather lanky. That wasn’t the funny part. In both of his ears, which were pierced in the lobe, were HUGE crowns covered in little sparkly fake diamonds. These were the sort of things little girls would wear when playing dress up, and would hopefully be clip-ons. He looked so incredibly ridiculous and of course the first thing we all wanted to do was take a picture and put it up on TwitPic for everybody to see. Since he was walking by too quickly it became obvious that somebody would have to ask him if they could take a picture of him.

I’m the type of person who will pretty much go up to anybody and ask a stupid question (and yet I will die at the sight of Maynard lol) so I was the one who stepped into the battlefield. I took my engagement ring off and handed it to Chris, put my left hand into my pocket so that he couldn’t see the ring indentation on my finger, and started walking up to him. At first I tried to make it like I was just looking at my phone but I knew it wouldn’t work. Knowing that I would have to actually ask him to get a proper angle with no blur my conversation with him went like this (oh… in front of another co-worker too)

“Do you mind if I take your picture? I think you’re really pretty.”

After that he sort of gave me this odd look, which was understandable, and then I replied with this:

“In a manly kind of way.”

I wasn’t surprised when he gave me this reply:

“Yes, I mind.”

So I said OK and walked away only to then burst in laughter about 10 feet away from him. I told everybody what happened and then they too started to laugh their asses off. Since we all then started feeling a bit uncomfortable around the guy, who started to sneer at us a wee bit, we walked away from that department and go to look at the Wii games. Chris and Kelly were on the hunt for Mario Kart but Best Buy failed them and were sold out. From there we checked out some sound boards and mics.

After that we noticed that it was dinner time! Keeping our Twitter mojo going, we let everybody on our lists know that we were going to Red Robin for dinner and that people could join us. When walking out of Best Buy we cracked a joke at how we were walking around the store in a group of 2 guys and 3 girls, that we probably looked like a mob, and how we should get custom shirts with our Twitter names on them. (BTW… if ANYBODY does this before we do that will be totally uncool because it was our idea first! :p)

At Red Robin everybody and their mom was having a birthday, or so it seemed. Almost every 10 minutes a huge group of employees were coming around clapping and chanting some horrible song. Since we didn’t want to feel left out we decided that we were going to LIE and say that it was somebody’s birthday in our group. We then asked who would be having the next birthday and it was Kelly (@MrsLeftyBrown)!! Since everybody hates us and is jealous of our super cool fun group, nobody came and met up with us at Red Robin but we had tons of fun without them. I had an embarrassing picture taken of me with a giant piece of melted Swiss Cheese coming out of my mouth since it was still attached to my turkey burger.

Taken by @MsClovisEskimo

Taken by ME!!!

Taken by ME!!!

Taken by ME!!!

We laughed some more about random stuff, and then after we got our checks I whispered something to the waitress. I told her that it was Kellys birthday and about 5 minutes later she was totally embarrassed - oh and I totally got a picture of it too!

Exhibit B!!!! :

Taken by ME!!!

After that we disbanded and went back to our own houses, but since yesterday was my only day I could sell my red turnip in Animal Crossing and since my store was closed due to Tom Nook renovating it I had to go into Kellys town so there we met up again! I totally got 16,000 bells out of it so it was soooooo worth it!

Hopefully we have a little get together again soon because it was a blasty blast! Chris and I might, and I do stress the word MIGHT, be going to the Wondercon this upcoming weekend in San Francisco and we know that Chris (not my sweetie) and Kelly are already going. Maybe San Francisco debauchery is in order!!

- She Who Has The Last Word

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4 Responses to “The Twitter Gestapo!”

  1. ClovisEskimo says:

    lol, that was good times, for sure! Nice meeting all of you!! :)

  2. chris says:

    Nice meeting you too!

  3. deaf_omega says:

    that pic of you with the sandwich is so fucking funny, just the look on your face, priceless

  4. decrepdsol says:

    i work at a red robin on the weekends… it is ridiculous how many people try to tell us it’s their birthday…

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