Joaquin Phoenix – Rapper Extraordinare

On last Friday’s MehCast, I mentioned Joaquin Phoenix’s new career choice. Towards the end of last year he retired from acting, that he is amazing at, and was rumored to start a music career. Some thought it made sense since he did a great job portraying Johnny Cash in “Walk The Line.” It wouldn’t be the first time that an actor has dipped into music… and like any bad informercial - “But wait!!! There’s more!!!”

I recently came across this article on E Online! that gave details on Joaquins musical style - rap. Yes - rap. I wish I was a liar right now but I speak the truth.

Casey Affleck, Ben’s younger and more talented brother, is getting behind the camera to film a documentary on dear ol’ Joaquin and his musical journey. It will go through his recording process, since he plans on releasing a CD, and other stuff. What makes this even better is that he is using the over-hyped Diddy as his mentor and producer.

Want more?

Oh yes my friends… I do believe that the Youtube gods have smiled on us. They have provided us with a wonderful video of a recent performance in Las Vegas. I personally thing Mr. Phoenix has snapped or is on a WICKED combination of drugs. I think he needs professional help immediately before we lose another skilled actor.

I will admit that I did laugh while watching this video because he does look ridiculous (and very well could bring in a Unabomber beard trend), but you can tell there is something sincerely wrong with him. It’s sad, and even though he is serious with his new venture, I hope this is all one huge joke.


- She Who Has The Last Word

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