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Harry Potter Giveaway!

Posted by lindsey On July - 25 - 2009

Today we are feeling charitable. Very charitable. Right now is the start of our first giveaway during the Blogathon.  You guys and gals are competing for some very cool goodies.

How might one win these great freebies?

Post a comment!

For the next 24 hours (6 PM PST 7/25/09 - 6:00 PM 7/26/09) when you comment on this blog, it counts as an entry. You don’t need to spam the post with crazy comments so please keep them on topic. Replying to other commentors is encouraged, so don’t think you can’t start up a nice little Harry Potter conversation. Also, feel free to get creative with your posts.

Here’s the twist. Want more entires? DONATE! Obviously we are blogging like crazy to help raise money for our charity, Reading is Fundamental, so when you donate to our charity that counts as an entry.

And like any crazy infomercial, they always follow up the good stuff with “but WAIT! There’s MORE!” If, for example, you donate $1.00 to our cause… that donation won’t count as 1 entry, it will count as 10. See how we did that? We knocked off the last 0, and counted the rest as entries.$2.00 will get you 20 entries, and $3.00 will get you 30.. so on and so on and so on. Hell, if you want to donate $100.00, that gets you one THOUSAND entries lol

Oh, I should probably add that we are giving prizes to TWO people, not just ONE, so competition is going to be fierce.

And now… I present to you the PRIZES:

First Place wins two items: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince promo poster and a slap wrist bracelet for the official video game that Electronic Arts put out. Cute thing is that the bracelet are in Gryffindor colors.

Runner Up wins one item: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince promo poster.

The contest is only available to people who live in the CONTINENTAL United States. Sorry Hawaii and Alaska, it costs too much to ship there. Sorry to all of the other countries too.

Winners will be announced Monday morning at 11:00 AM PST so please check back then to see if you were one of the lucky ones. Winners will need to contact us within 48 hours via email (that is provided on our site) with appropriate mailing information.

So, spread the word, post away, and help out our charity!


- She Who Has The Last Word

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19 Responses to “Harry Potter Giveaway!”

  1. deaf_omega says:

    I will start this conversation by saying…my daughter has seen every single HP except this last one, at four years old.

    she has this thing for magic, and used to go around with any stick casting “spells”
    really funny to hear a 2.5 year old trying to repeat what they think they heard

    but yeah, my ex loves HP so much, i bought her the limited edition Beadle the Bard, on amazon, it was super cool, and a christmas gift that made her cry with happiness

    i dunno, should I actually be saying something about harry potter? or just it’s influence??

  2. deaf_omega says:

    I wish i had money to give…I just paid my janky phone bill and it ate my last 65 bucks…

    too bad I cant just like walletous repairo LMAO

  3. lindsey says:

    I pre-ordered the same book for Chris and gave it to him this past Christmas. He was pretty stoked about it.

    And don’t worry, those two comments are worth 2 entries!

  4. deaf_omega says:

    Im in with 2

  5. deaf_omega says:

    he got the limited edition too?

  6. deaf_omega says:

    ok, not to pollute the blog
    but who would win in a fight? Albus Dumbledore
    or gandolf the grey????

  7. [...] will have the same rules as our Harry Potter Giveaway, but obviously the prizes will be [...]

  8. ancientwolf13 says:

    I think Merlin could take both Dumbledore and Gandolf lol.

  9. deaf_omega says:

    i dunnnooooo
    gandolf is pretty bad ass

    and merlin…i mean like what all did he really do??

    hmmm what other wizards could be in this showdown??

  10. ancientwolf13 says:

    Merlin could see through and travel through time. Hmmm another one could be The Wizard of Oz, but I don’t think he would do so well lol.

  11. deaf_omega says:

    LMAO he would most certainly get PWNed, he was a stupid old man

    how bout shmendrick, form the last unicorn LOL

  12. ancientwolf13 says:

    I dunno Shmendrick might accidentally turn himself into something by accident lol. What about the Black Mage from Final Fantasy lol? Good old Vivi lol.

  13. deaf_omega says:

    LOL, hmmmm I am running out of wizards….

    the guy from record of lodoss war… I think that may be my last one LOL

  14. deaf_omega says:

    does Shang Tsung coun’t?
    he is a sorceror…right?

  15. ancientwolf13 says:

    Yeah they count lol. Hmm what about Baba Yaga and Geralt?

  16. deaf_omega says:

    i dunno if they arent bringing Liu Kang, tsung might PWN um….

  17. deaf_omega says:

    I really do think that some people went to bed….I am staying up another hour tops..depends on how long this girl I am chatting with is up :D I think I am in luuuuuuvv LOL, I am sooo lame

    so anywho, really

    what is your favorite harry potter moment :D

    mine is when they crashed the car into the whomping willow

    well pretty much any moment involving that car..or the “eat Slugs” foul up

  18. lindsey says:

    I don’t have a favorite moment, but I can tell you that my LEAST favorite moment was the entire Half Blood Prince movie XD

  19. deaf_omega says:

    half blood prince wasnt that bad…its like jurasic park…dont compare it to the much greater book just enjoy it as a movie

    this is exactly why i refuse to read the books till after the last movie :)

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