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I am full of WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by lindsey On February - 4 - 2009

On December 23rd of last year (2008 to be exact) I entered myself in to a sweepstakes on For those of you who don’t know what The Knot is, it’s a wedding website and filled with girly stuff. I created an account there ages ago and hardly use it but since Chris and I are the ones paying for our wedding I have been on the internet searching for wedding related sweepstakes/contests.

Anyways, I have bad luck when it comes to these things and know that the odds of me winning are slim to none however today I woke up to a treat.

When I got up I thought today was going to suck. I almost fell on the way to the bathroom due to me being half asleep,  accidentally dropped my Sidekick on the tile floor in the bathroom, and then I almost fell into the shower/tub while trying to sit on the porcelian god.

After that fun I went to my PC and checked my email. I noticed something strange in my inbox with the subject mentioning my entry to the contest. When I opened it I seriously thought I had to check my eyes - I had won!

I am the Grand Prize Winner of their Dreams Remember the Resort Game & Sweepstakes and I couldn’t be happier. A guest (which is obviously Chris) and myself get a free 3 night stay at any of the new Dreams Resorts & Spas. We even get to choose which one we want to stay at. Three of the five are located in various spots of Mexico while the other two are in the Dominican Republic.

Right now I am leaning towards the Dreams Huatulco Resort because it is close to a jungle and a coral reef. It feels so odd even mentioning something like that because I never honestly thought I would be able to afford a trip like this anything soon. Since Chris and I are footing the bill one of the things we knew we couldn’t afford would be a Honeymoon so we were just going to go somewhere for a few days, come back for Christmas, and then go to another place in January 2010. Vegas came to mind since we could say that we visited the Pyramids, Paris, Camelot, New York, and other locations. Vegas, if done right, can be pretty affordable and that is very appealing to us.

All I have to do is print out the affidavit of eligibility/liability that also is a publicity release since they will advertise on their website that I am the winner and all that jazz. I might even be in their magazine! I am so excited I think I might explode!

You can check out their resorts and know more about the company at:

I just had to share this with you all and will keep you updated as the days go along!

- She Who Has The Last Word

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