Ghostbusters: The Video Game (Xbox 360 Demo)

Posted by chris On July - 13 - 2009

Last night, after playing through the Wolverine: Origins demo again (I WANT THAT GAME), I downloaded a few more demos to try out.  The first one I downloaded was the Ghostbusters: The Video Game demo.  I had heard very good things about it.  I also heard that it was, essentially, the third installment of the movie series.  As a huge fan of the movies (at least the first one), I had to give it a shot.

All of the original cast returns in this game, lending their likenesses and their voices to the video game characters.  Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis, the creators of the series, even helped during development by doing script doctoring.  All of this effort resulted in an amazing game (demo).  You start off as the fifth member of the Ghostbusters, a rookie in training with newly developed proton packs and equipment.  The controls are smooth, and the equipment is fantastic.  The graphics are wonderful, and the dialog is exactly what you would expect it to be.  This game is very well designed and written.  There were quite a few moments where I was startled by sudden ghost attacks or paranormal activities.

Oh yeah, and fighting a massive book golem was awesome.

I definitely want to try the full version.

-Because I said so

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