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Posted by lindsey On March - 15 - 2009

Today Chris and I went out running errands and around 3:00 PM he asked me what I wanted for lunch. Since I hate making decisions I told him that it was for him to decide. He suggested Chipotle but I wasn’t in the mood for it so he mentioned sandwiches. I said sure but then he asked me if I wanted them from Subway or Quizno’s. Both are near our apartment so it honestly didn’t matter to me.

On the way home was a Quizno’s so we stopped there. For the local people (Fresno/Clovis area) reading this, it is the Quizno’s off of Shaw and Villa.

The last time we visited that Quizno’s they were ridiculously slow and it seemed like today was no different. There was a lady behind the counter who had to have been in her 50’s and she was the one making the sandwiches. Now… in no way am I saying that people in their 50’s are slow at making sandwiches or slow in general, I was simply letting you know what we were dealing with.

She was already helping one guy and there was another man waiting who seemed to grow impatient. Instead of ordering a sandwich he grabbed a cookie, paid for it, and left leaving Chris and I next in line. When it was our turn we were still undecided on what we wanted, since there are so many different options, and instead of the lady standing there she started fiddling around with stuff.

I want to point out that she was still wearing the food service gloves from when she was helping out the guy before us.

While wearing the gloves she started to disassemble the deli slicer, lifting the shield (google it if you don’t know what part I’m referring to) and taking it to the back area. Since we weren’t done yet deciding, she then grabbed a rag and started cleaning the counter area underneath the deli slicer and touching other things…. all while wearing the same gloves.

Are you starting to detect a pattern here?

Before coming back to where we were she threw away whatever cloth thing she was rubbing on the counter and asked us if we were ready. I had decided that I was going to have a turkey sandwich and Chris was asking which meat was used in the Prime Rib one.

Chris is a freak about germs and notices little things that I normally wouldn’t because I just don’t, and I am honestly shocked that he wasn’t picking up on what I was seeing. When Chris told her what he wanted to order and the type of bread, there she went…. old gloves and all.

This crazy lady, who obviously knows nothing about being sanitary, started touching the bread that she was going to use to make our sandwiches. With the same glove, she grabbed his meat to toss in that beef broth they have (in which that actually creeps me out because I always think of cross contamination but whatever…), and she started cutting the bread.

As discretely as I could I whispered to him about what I had seen. Immediately I saw panic in his eyes and I knew that our Quizno’s adventure was over - as well it should have been! (By the way… I am laughing about the panic in his eyes as I am typing this and when I told Chris he says to me “that’s nasty ass shit.” Straight from his mouth.)

We then tried to think of a way to get out of there and got pretty damn uncomfortable since she was already brothing his beef. We told her that he had changed his mind and we pretended to converse between each other before seeing a moment where we could bolt.

Needless to say our mood for sandwiches was ruined and ended up going to Yosemite Falls Cafe where he got a massive 1 pound burger and I got a tasty turkey sandwich with chicken noodle soup.

I highly doubt we will ever be going to that Quizno’s location ever again, and it will be a long time before we even eat at any of their locations.

Ew, ew…. and ew.

- She Who Has The Last Word

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