‘Clash of the Titans’ Review

What do you get when you combine men in miniskirts with too much bronzer, then add a hint of Kraken and a few pissed off gods? Sounds like a bad joke, right? Well, it might be…

I went to a free showing of Clash of the Titans this past Monday a little skeptical. I had heard with audiences the film was either a hit or miss (though mostly the latter), yet I was curious, and hey… Who can pass up the opportunity for a free movie? I admit part of the appeal was a curiosity about Sam Worthington as Perseus, the demigod turned fisherman, and Liam Neeson’s role as Zeus opposite Ralph Fiennes as Hades. Throughout the film, I found myself a little lost during the action sequences. While using a hand held camera may have worked for Matt Reeves throughout Cloverfield, I found the action hard to follow though enjoyable. The script was not outstanding and proved typical, and I have even read that Sam Worthington’s delivery of the sub par lines can be described as ‘embarrassing’. I found his performance lacking emotion in scenes where emotion is required to engage the audience in the hero’s quest, and the film was ultimately one without any real spirit. This being said, I do not believe the experience was a total waste. Some of the cheesy script and overcooked action works in the production’s favor. There was no one over the age of twenty-five in the theater and the atmosphere was one of simple enjoyment. Though the obvious intent was to create a serious epic film with mild humor throughout, I view the film as simply entertaining.

In conclusion, though fans of the original 1981 film by the same name may have been upset by this remake, I find it good enough for a second viewing, but only at a discount theater for the bare minimum price or as a discount rental. Clash of the Titans hits DVD shelves July 27, 2010, and I do not recommend buying it for more than it is worth.


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