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Adventures in Mad-Libbing

Posted by chris On May - 8 - 2010

Hey there, fellow WOM Bats!  Welcome to another installment in the new World of Meh on-going Mad Lib series!  Yesterday, in the introductory Mad Libs post, Lindsey posted a couple of Mad Libs that I completed.  Now we’ll see just how twisted her own mind is!

How about we start with the tale of legendary American Paul Revere?:

Paul Revere was born in Boston, California, in 1735.  His father taught him to work with metals, and he soon became a fluffy library.  He was a soldier in the French and Chinese War and was at the famous Boston Supermarket Party when Americans dressed as Indians dumped tons of water into the ocean.  On April 18, 1775, Paul Revere waited in Fiji for a signal light from a church tower.  The signal was to be one if by tree, two if by barber.  When he got the message, he mounted his faithful mother and rode off lovingly.  On the way, he kept yelling, “The men are coming!  The men are coming!”  This was the beginning of the American War for Independence from King Ricky Gervais.

After that disturbing tale of strange love between an American legend and his mother, we’ll move on to a Report by a Student Protest Committee:

Fellow Students of Harvard!  We the members of the Students for a Difficult Society are meeting here to decide what action to take about the Dean of Fingers.  He has just fired our friend, Professor Chris, because he wore his penis long, and because he dressed in pants and wore old toes.  Next week, we are going to protest by taking over the tooth building and kidnapping the Assistant Soap.  We also will demand that all students have the right to wear hot hair and squishy beards.  Remember our slogan: “Down with legs.”

Why, yes, I do wear my penis long.  And pants.  I occasionally wear pants.

Tune in next time for more…of whatever the crap this is.

-[insert WOM Bats here]

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3 Responses to “Adventures in Mad-Libbing”

  1. deaf_omega says:

    LOL you totally used WOM Bats ^_^

    Mad Libs are so fun, I wonder if they have an app or something

  2. chris says:

    It was a good idea, so I’m making it official!

    I have no idea if there’s an app for Mad Libs. That would save us money on buying the books, definitely.

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