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If you follow SEGA on Twitter, then you are likely aware of their weekly Free Stuff Friday giveaways.  I’ve been a fan of SEGA since I was a kid.  I have fond memories of my Genesis and my Dreamcast, and, to be fair, not so fond memories of the Saturn and SegaCD.  My Genesis will always have a special place in my heart, however, so no matter what they do to hurt me, I always return to SEGA in the end.  Today was a good SEGA day, and I won a Free Stuff Friday giveaway.

Ooh, I found a quarter!

Luckily I was watching my TweetDeck when I saw a certain tweet appear.  I immediately DM’d “Nick Fury” to @SEGA and, in less than a minute, received notification that I had won!  What did I win, I hear you ask in your minds with a certain level of apathy?  I won an Iron Man 2 prize pack.  What does that mean, I hear you ask in your minds with a certain level of fear in regard to my uncanny ability to hear your thoughts?  It means I won:

  • A copy of Iron Man 2 for the Xbox 360
  • A poster of the game’s front cover
  • A code to download the Brady strategy guide for Iron Man 2
  • A code for the Suitcase Suit to use in-game
  • A 1GB USB drive with Iron Man 2 game assets (reusable as a regular USB drive as well)
  • A special edition commemorative film cell from the movie
  • AND some Iron Man 2 game art signed by SAMUEL L. JACKSON.

Iron Man 2 Game Cover Poster

Iron Man 2 Brady Games Strategy Guide

Suitcase Suit Code

Iron Man 2 USB Drive

Iron Man 2 Game and Game Art signed by Samuel L. Mother-Fucking Jackson

Yeah.  That’s awesome.  I’m stoked.

Thanks, SEGA!

-[insert FANBOY SQUEEEEE! here]

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One Response to “SEGA Free Stuff Friday”

  1. Austin Alan Taylor deaf_omega says:

    Dude that is some cool stuff! I won a radio show once…nintendo @ 9 …the dj denied my prize cuz I wasn’t 18

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