City Crossing: Country Folk?

Posted by chris On April - 16 - 2009

Yesterday a good friend of ours came up from L.A. to take care of some things.  While she was here, we got to spend a few hours hanging out with her (and had some good chinese food that is doubling as my lunch).  As yesterday was Tax Day, a few local eateries were offering free items to drum up business; Cinnabon offered free mini-rolls, while Maggie Moo’s ice cream parlor offered a free full scoop of ice cream.  Being the type of people who can’t say no to a free thing, we hit up the Cinnabon for our free rolls, then walked across the promenade to Maggie Moo’s for our free scoop (both the rolls and the scoop were delicious).  On our way back to the car, we mention going back to the apartment and playing some video games.  Our friend (we’ll call her Mandy, because she doesn’t like that name, if I recall correctly) then says something that Lindsey and I both got a kick out of regarding one of our games.  Specifically, she said:

“Are we going to go play City Crossing: Country Folk?”

We began teasing her about this immediately and informed her that a blog post would be made about it.

And here we are.

-Because I said so

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