Super Street Fighter IV Avatar Outfits available

Xboxers knew these were coming for awhile, and now they are here! Fans of the Street Fighter series can now dress up their Xbox Live avatars like some of their favorite characters.

In the Marketplace, there are two Super Street Fighter IV t-shirts available (one for males, other for the ladies) going for 80 Microsoft Points each, with the costumes themselves going for 320 Microsoft Points each. The complete list is:

  • Abel
  • Akuma
  • C. Viper
  • Chun Li
  • Cody
  • Dee Jay
  • Dudley
  • El Fuerte
  • Guile
  • Guy
  • Ibuki
  • Juri
  • Makoto
  • Rufus
  • Ryu
  • T. Hawk

While that may seem like a long, and impressive list, I have to ask this: Where is Cammy? M. Bison? Balrog? Vega? Zangief?  Blanka? Dan? Dhalsim? E. Honda? Ken? Sakura? and Sagat? Those names I just listed belong to ICONIC Street Fighter characters, and they are nowhere to be seen. How can you leave off Ken or M. Bison?! I am really disappointed about there being no Cammy, because she is my favorite female fighter in the entire Street Fighter franchise, and she’s pretty hot.

Hopefully, they add more characters later because I know that if I’m wanting more people to choose from, others have to be as well.

- Me

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