First Look at Green Lantern

Green Lantern is one of my top-three favorite superheroes.  I have not loved all iterations of Green Lantern, but the three greatest to ever where the green battery (Alan ScottHal JordanKyle Rayner) are some of my favorite characters in both the DC and Marvel universes.  Each of these three has his own character traits that both sets him apart from the other Green Lanterns, and binds him to them.  Reading any of these Green Lantern comics, you can see the differences in their personalities, and their approaches to solving problems, but the sheer willpower and dedication they all possess makes them one.

Perhaps you would not find it hard to believe that when the Green Lantern movie was finally announced, I was somewhat, shall we say, happy?

Ryan Reynolds has been cast as Hal Jordan.  As much as I like Ryan Reynolds, I feel he would have done better as Kyle Rayner (or, ideally, as Wally West in a Flash movie).  Ryan Reynolds is known as a wise-cracking character actor.  Of the main Green Lanterns, Kyle Rayner was more of the one-liner type.  Hal Jordan was more serious about his duty.  Anyway, Ryan Reynolds is Hal Jordan, decked out in a fully CGI suit:

I don’t like the eye-mask.  I don’t like the suit.  I don’t like the hair.  Compare to:

There’s Hal Jordan.  I wonder when we’ll see him in a movie.

To be fair, the cover of Entertainment Weekly is simply a promotional image.  It may look much better in later promo images, or in the movie itself.  I’m hoping it does.  I really want to love this movie, but the suit (and other things *cough*-Parallax, seriously?-*cough*) are making it a challenge.

-[insert IN BRIGHTEST DAY... here]

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