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The Married Gamers

Posted by lindsey On March - 13 - 2009

I feel so naughty because I didn’t write this blog sooner, but better late than never!

Last Sunday, Chris and Kelly of The Married Gamers came over to our apartment for lunch and to record a podcast. We had a lot of fun. It was really similar to what we do on our MehCasts but with better equipment lol!

Like we’ve said before on our show, we have very low production quality but we are ok with that. Chris and Kelly came armed with a sound board, two mics with stands, and a bunch of wires that did who knows what.

They started off the same way we do… making introductions and what not. After they discussed some topics that had carried  over from their last show they introduced us.

I was feeling a bit awkward for the simple fact that whenever I speak into any microphone, it distorts my voice and I sound like a dude. I was sure that it would happen with the podcast so I made sure to announce that to the poor listeners.

We started off discussing a little bit about ourselves. Chris got confused and thought it was a dating service and Kelly interupted him before he could say that he liked taking long walks on the beach. After we got that out of the way we got into how World of Meh came about. Chris, being the witty man that he is, started going off on a rant about him being a pilot, crashing in South America, aliens entrusting him with World of Meh, and while this is going on the other Chris (I should probably call him Chris v2 for the rest of this post lol) was cracking up. When Chris was done Kelly asked v2 what was so funny and v2 was able to say in between chuckles that Chris’ story was none other than the Green Lantern.

For me the highlight was when we talked about Animal Crossing for about 10 minutes. Kelly, Chris, and I covered many different topics like Tom Nook, turnips, fishing, and many other geeky things.

About halfway through Donnie started to get riled up over something outside so if you listen closely you can hear him in all his glory and towards the end of the podcast the four of us talked about what we are watching on movies or TV and what we are playing.

After the show was done they packed up their things and stayed around for a little bit longer before heading off but we had a lot of fun.

The podcast has been up since Wednesday and it is free to download through iTunes. Just search for The Married Gamers. Some other podcasts will come up but you are going to want the one under Chris and Kelly Brown.

The podcast we were featured on was called Meh Warriors so download it, support our friends, and I hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out their other podcasts since ours was their 90th!

Also, give them a review and let us know what you thought of it. Hopefully we can do another one in the future or who knows…. maybe we might start our own!

The Married Gamers Website

The Married Gamers Twitter

- She Who Has The Last Word

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