Episode 25 Recap

Another episode has come and gone!  Episode 25 was one of our shorter episodes, as we had a very slow news week.  We did, however, spend a great deal of our week revamping the appearance and features of our blog!  We’ve also signed ourselves up for the Blogathon, starting at 6:00am on July 25th, with a new post every half hour for 24 hours!  Make sure to check us out on that day (and every other day, of course).

Episode 25 covered a few items, such as our advance screening tickets for Harry Potter, some funny web videos, a handful of games we played, movies we watched, and tv shows we viewed.  We also talked about the upcoming Nine Inch Nails shows and the TOOL concert coming up in August down in Pomona, CA.

Our weekly picks:

Song of the Week (Chris): Anthrax feat. Public Enemy - Bring the Noise

Song of the Week (Lindsey): Some Japanese thing I can’t spell or pronounce

TV Show of the Week (Chris): The Tick (live action)

TV Show of the Week (Lindsey): Remote Control

Movie of the Week (Chris): Blades of Glory

Movie fo the Week (Lindsey): 8MM

iPhone App of the Week (Chris): none

iPhone App of the Week (Lindsey): Papaya

Video Game of the Week (Chris): Wii Sports Tennis

Video Game of the Week (Lindsey): I can’t remember!

See you this coming Friday, the 17th of July, at 7:00pm PST, http://www.justin.tv/worldofmeh/!

Make sure to check out our forums @ http://www.worldofmeh.com/forum also!

-Because I said so

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6 Responses to “Episode 25 Recap”

  1. lindsey says:

    I just laughed so hard at what you said for my “song of the week.” It’s by Porno Graffiti, a band in Japan. The song is off of their album, Kumo omo Tsukamu Tami, which means “People grasping even a cloud.” The song name is: Shiawase ni tsuite Honki Dashite Kangaete mita. That means “I’ve tried to think seriously about happiness.” It’s a great song, or at least I think so.

    I honestly don’t remember my video game of the week. Hmm…. oh well.

  2. chris says:

    Ooooh, Shiawase ni tsuity Honki Dashite Kangaete MITA. I thought it was Shiawase ni tsuity Honki Dashite Kangaete MATI, but I wasn’t sure! Silly me!

  3. lindsey says:

    It’s tsuite… not tsuity! lmfao!

  4. chris says:

    It could be TOOTY FRUITY for all I care! :D

  5. lindsey says:

    Toot de la fruit!

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