Speed on Cheetah

Posted by chris On January - 1 - 2009

The Sunday before last (December 21, 2008), my cousin Lee and his wife Lianne were over at our apartment for a bit of a game night.  The game of choice is a particular favorite of Lindsey’s, and, after that night, a particular favorite of mine as well.  The game we played is called Loaded Questions (http://www.loadedquestions.com/loadedquestions.html), a question and answer style board game.  The game is fairly simple.  A person rolls the dice and lands on a colored spot.  Once they land, they draw a question card that has one question in each color category.  The roller asks the question that corresponds to the color spot they landed on, and the rest of the players then write down their answers on the pads provided.  The pads are then collected and handed to the player who rolled previous to the current roller, who reads the answers out loud anonymously.  The current roller must then guess which player provided which answer.  One of the questions that came up asked what animal ability we would prefer to have.  I was the roller, so it was my job to guess who provided which answer.  Lindsey chose echo location, Lianne chose camouflage, and Lee chose speed of cheetah.  Lindsey read her answer, and Lianne’s answer, but when she arrived at Lee’s answer, she became very confused.  She said something about “speed ON cheetah”.  Luckily, Lee decided to correct  her, which of course made it quite obvious which answer was his.  He complained, saying he had written “of”, not “on”.  When we handed his pad back, however, it was plain to see that he had written “on”.  It became a bit of a recurring joke that night, and since then.
It was funnier in person.

-Because I said so

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