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Happy Bungie Day!

Posted by lindsey On July - 7 - 2009

Today, for all you Halo fans, is Bungie Day. The creators of the Halo series, Bungie, have an affinity for the number 7. Since today is 7/7/09 that makes it Bungie Day!

If you own Halo 3 and have an Xbox Live account, you can go into the special playlist “Bungie vs. The World” so that you can be matched up with some of the Bungie staff. If you win the round with them, you will be awarded Recon armor. They even have a Scoreboard going where you can track how the games are going.

Typically on special days, presents are given… right? RIGHT! Bungie has gifted us with images of 3 upcoming maps that will be on Halo: ODST. If you ever played Halo 2, most of you will be familiar with the new map Heretic. It’s an updated version of Midship, and if you ever played on Midship you will remember all of the strategies you and your team can execute to own your opponents.

Image courtesy of Bungie

Image Courtesy of Bungie

The next map is Citadel, a long abandoned Forerunner stronghold. It’s a small, symmetrical map and offers little safety for players looking to hide out and camp. Citadel’s tight quarters force you and your team to really work together, keeping up constant communication, and keeping an eye out. Citadel will also force players who are used to long range battles, especially with the sniper, to change up their tactics and adjust to close combat tactics.

Image courtesy of Bungie

Image Courtesy of Bungie

The third, and final map, Bungie showed today was Longshore. It’s located at Old Mombasa and used to be a port. It’s great for large scale combat but can be used for smaller battles. Longshore appears to be a cluster of industrial buildings and will feature elevated walks as well as open areas. Longshore seems like the type of map where you can come up with many diverse strategies ranging from long range to close.

Image Courtesy of Bungie

Image Courtesy of Bungie

Hopefully the images of the new maps have you all excited. I know I am, and I can’t wait until Halo: ODST is released. As more information is given, we will be sure to update you all!

- She Who Has The Last Word.

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