Sword of Truth - Faith of the Fallen

Posted by chris On August - 2 - 2009

The sixth book in Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series, Faith of the Fallen, drastically alters the course of the overall story.


Richard and Kahlan have removed themselves from the world after Richard’s faith in the ability of the people to stand up for themselves and choose freedom over tyranny.  They are unable to stay away, however, when Nicci, an incredibly powerful sorceress who has had dealings with Richard before, captures him and takes him into the heart of the Old World.  She wants to make him understand the idealogy of the Imperial Order by making him live in the capital of the Old World.  He is forced to live without magic, and without his identity.  After many months, Richard, however, simply by his nature, unknowingly converts Nicci into a follower and ally, opening her eyes to the oppression and degradation of the Old World and the Imperial Order.  With the many followers he has managed to acquire simply by being himself, Richard is able to oversee the fall of the capital of the Imperial Order.  Faith of the Fallen is easily one of my favorite books in the Sword of Truth series.

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