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A Wii Bit of Devastation

Posted by chris On February - 19 - 2009

Our new Wii does not come without consequences.  Since we purchased our Wii, our apartment has gone to hell.  We moved our coffee table to place the Wii Fit Balance Board down.  We have dishes from LAST THURSDAY still sitting in the sink (I finally washed some yesterday and set some others in hot water to soak).  We have empty snack bags (and some not so empty snack bags) littering the floor around the couch.  We have empty fast food bags and empty Starbucks Cups creating intricate patterns of trash on the floor around the couch.  Our laundry is undone, our carpet is unvacuumed, our tile is unmopped, our trash is untakenout (untakenout?), and our dishes, as mentioned earlier, are uncleaned.

And we’re okay with that, because at least our Animal Crossing houses are very tidy, and we’ve been able to pay off two expansions!

-Because I said so

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