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Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 7

Posted by chris On April - 16 - 2009

Progress update 7 brings me back to the Kitchen Observatory, where I re-entered the Beach Bowl Galaxy for the second star.  This star was incredibly simple.  It consisted only of tracking down a golden shell in the posession of a small penguin and returning it to the head penguin.  It took all of two minutes from start to finish.  The third star had you transport yourself from the water world to the stone spiral levitating over it.  Navigating the spiral involved a lot of patience and timing because of certain elements.  At the end of the spiral lay the star.  There wasn’t a great deal of difficulty in this star, just the need for patience and timing.  As I viewed the available galaxies, I noticed the Fast Foe Comet was in orbit around the Beach Bowl Galaxy.  I had not experienced this comet yet, and was itching to give it a try, so I jumped right back in.  The Fast Foe Comet star took me back to the stone spiral, called the “Cyclone Stone”.  This definitely added the difficulty factor that was missing the first time around.  This one took a couple of tries to get through, but with an updated timing, I was able to obtain yet another star in my quest to defeat Bowser and rescue the princess.  As I checked the galaxy list again, I noticed yet another star available through the Beach Bowl Galaxy, but this time with a “?” on it.  This star level introduced me to the Ice Flower, giving me Ice Mario.  Ice Mario walks on water by turning it to ice, and can wall-jump waterfalls!  The ice flower was necessary to get to the top of the level.  It was incredibly fun, and very satisfying to use.  Following this string of stars, I found myself at 36 stars with over 1100 star bits (some had been sacrificed to enter the previous special galaxy).

Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 8 coming soon!

-Because I said so

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