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Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 5

Posted by chris On April - 13 - 2009

We have arrived at the fifth progress update of my run through Super Mario Galaxy!  This one is rather shorter than the previous progress updates as I only went through a few stars due to other plans.  At the end of the fourth progress update, I had yet to fight Bowser in the Fountain Observatory galaxies.  Last night, I made that my first goal.  It was an interesting battle, but didn’t contain much of anything new.  After defeating him, I headed to the third observatory, the Kitchen Observatory.  I had enough stars at this point to unlock the Bowser battle of this observatory, but decided to start with the regular galaxies to build up my star count for future observatories.  My first conquest was the one-star Bubble Breeze Galaxy.  This galaxy presented a new feature to the game: the bubble.  When inside the bubble, the map is viewed two-dimensionally from the top.  You use your controller to blow the bubble in the desired direction, avoiding giant spiked mines and other hazards.  This was a fun way to get through a level.  I have not yet encountered any other comets, but I will eventually, of that I am sure.  Following the Bubble Breeze Galaxy, I took my first shot at the three-star Beach Bowl Galaxy.  This is the first galaxy that contains a water element, and is one of those half-in/half-out levels that I so prefer to the all-in levels.  It was a fairly easy star to get.  At this point, I have 29 stars and over 1600 star bits.

Progress Update 6 coming soon!

-Because I said so

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