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Year 1 Episode 8 Recap

Posted by lindsey On February - 22 - 2009

So last Friday was our 8th episode. Crazy to think that we have been doing our MehCasts for about 2 months now but it’s been great. Prior to the show we were at the local Tweet Up that I mentioned in a recent blog. We were originally going to try and air the show from the event but since we have ghetto equipment there would have been no way we could have cancelled out the background noise. Our viewers probably wouldn’t have been able to hear us which would have defeated the entire purpose of the show.

Instead Chris and I went to the event to have a little bit of fun, and then rushed like crazy people across town so that we could get set up and have everything running by 7. Since our lives are filled with WIN (please detect the obvious sarcasm) we had loads of tech issues which resulted in our show starting about 7 minutes late. Sorry guys.

On the show we did talk about the Tweet Up, how I totally blew it when meeting Maynard (see prior post and laugh at my misfortune), how Disney is releasing the original X-Men cartoon on DVD (finally!!), our Wii addiction, and then talked about random stuff like how Limp Bizkit (God help us) is getting back together and touring.

Some sad things were discussed like how Nine Inch Nails might be no more after this years tour with Janes Addiction. James Iha, of Smashing Pumpkin fame, is supposedly creating a “super group” with Taylor Hanson (yes…. Hanson), a guy from Cheap Trick, and some other guy that I can’t remember right now. I think the only thing remotely close to “super” in that group is James Iha but whatever. What do I know.

Now our Weekly picks:

Song of the Week (chris) - Eulogy by Tool

Song of the Week (lindsey) - Maynards Dick by Tool

TV show of the Week (chris) - The Original X-Men Cartoon

TV show of the Week (lindsey) -Throwdown with Bobby Flay

Movie of the Week (chris) -Knocked Up

Movie of the Week (lindsey) - Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Juice In The Hood

Thanks again for checking out our MehCast and remember that if you can’t make it, we do record it!

Episode discussion at:

- She Who Has The Last Word

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2 Responses to “Year 1 Episode 8 Recap”

  1. deaf_omega says:

    WHAT!? No mention of your audiable pee?, lol

    Can’t wait for this friday!!

  2. chris says:

    Ha! She did leave that out, didn’t she! You got called out sweetie!

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