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Posted by chris On August - 31 - 2009

Originally written January of 2007.

Edited August of 2009.


This one reads more like a story.  Faith has been a huge issue for me lately, with events in my life leading me farther and farther along the path of Agnosticism.  At this point, I’d classify myself as a Strong Agnostic.

When I was young, I was innocent,
And everything seemed so clear.
My faith dicated by my parents,
And I lent an all too willing ear.

I went to all religious gatherings,
I prayed fervently with all my heart.
When the time came to do many things,
I ever so gladly played my part.

As I grew older I saw a great deal
That shook the foundations of my faith.
I saw a world crying out to be healed;
A world that had been right before my face.

I saw so many horrors and such pain
That I could not begin to understand,
And yet so many people refrained
From actively helping their fellow man.

I saw religion asking for money
To build their gluttonous rot,
Instead of helping the needy,
And providing for those who could not.

For one with such wide eyes,
For years I kept them closed,
Staying blind to the myriad lies
And the ways that they were posed.

I see nothing here but Hypocrisy,
Apathy, Greed, Arrogance, and Lies.
I pray to God, quite pointlessly,
For help before this world dies.

My lack of faith has naught but grown,
And nothing since has been the same.
And I know I can never condone
The atrocities done in God’s name.

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