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Happily Ever After…

Three nights ago, in the aftermath of Episode 13 of the MehCast, Kelly (a friend/viewer who goes by the handle MrsLeftyBrown), while having a conversation with Lindsey, suggested a local wedding chapel for us to just get married.  Caught up in the thought of finally getting married, we called that night and scheduled a sit-down [...]

Year 1 Episode 13 Recap

This one is a few days late also, but we have our excuses!  Episode 13 was fairly short, as the past few episodes seem to also have been,  unfortunately.  We had a few topics to discuss, as usual, and went over our usual “…of the Week” items.  The interesting stuff started happening after the show [...]

Year 1 Episode 12 Recap

This is VERY late in coming, and because of that, I have no idea what we talked about in Episode 12!  I remember only a few things.  Our show was rescheduled from our regular Friday night time to Sunday afternoon, because Lindsey and I went out of town for a conference.  We did our basic [...]

Warioware: Smooth Moves

Last week, my closest cousin (geographically and emotionally) and his wife purchased a Wii.  With this Wii, they purchased a game called Warioware: Smooth Moves.  Warioware: Smooth Moves is a party game that supports a ridiculously large number of local players, since it only uses one Wiimote passed between players.  The game consists of incredibly [...]

Odd Search Results

On the backend for World of Meh’s WordPress, we have installed a statistics plugin that gives us a daily unique hits graph, top articles, top pages, and many other little tidbits of information.  By far, the most interesting, and hilarious information it provides are the top searches that result in finding our little piece of [...]

I’ve got a lovely bunch of turnips

While that doesn’t quite have the ring of “coconuts”, it’s fairly relevant to Lindsey and me, as well as others like us. By “like us”, I mean Animal Crossing fiends. Lindsey and I bought white turnips (kind of a stock market thing, in the game) at 91 each, which is a fairly cheap price.  Lindsey [...]

One Post per Day? Ha!

On Monday’s post, I said: “One post per day still going strong.” And then we missed Tuesday’s post.  Doesn’t that just make us look awesome.  There were extenuating circumstances, however.  We swear!  We discovered on Monday night that we had some legal issues to take care of by this morning, and yesterday was spent scrambling.  [...]

Big Trouble in Little China

When life shits on you, it really shits on you. Aside from the issue of my family refusing to attend my wedding, even though their reasons are hypocritical, and the death of Lindsey’s great great uncle last week, a new pile of bullshit has just landed square on our heads. Sorry, no details for now, [...]

One Hundred!

This is our 100th post on the World of Meh.  Our inaugural post was December 27th, 2008.  In less than three months, we’ve posted up 100 pointless articles about random crap that nobody cares about!  What a wonderful contribution to society we have provided! Self-deprication aside, we’ve had a great deal of fun with the [...]

Last Second Post!

We’ve had a long and (for the most part) bad day, with various events happening that have just been kind of overwhelming.  We’ll just call this a throwaway post to maintain our one post per day streak. Sorry, and thanks for understanding! -Because I said so

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