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Super Mario Galaxy Progress Update 13

June 2nd, 2009

Going into Progress Update 13, I’ve already completed two of the five galaxies in the Bedroom Observatory.  The next one up is the Dusty Dune Galaxy which, at first look, seems to be a full desert galaxy.  Almost immediately, I met up with an old friend: Dry Bones!  After passing him by, I encountered a pair of tornadoes.  When I jumped in, it launched me into a helicopter spin that hovered me down slowly to the ground.  This must be used to traverse the flowing quicksand that comprises most of the beginning of this galaxy.  Jumping down into a warp pipe, we go underground and deal with quick flowing quicksand and a series of pihrana plants!  No problem, though.  The main obstacle presented in this galaxy was the flowing quicksand, which is easily bypassed and navigated.  I captured the star and jumped in for another one.  In this round, we see yet another old friend: Pokey!  After beating five mini-Pokey’s, you deal with a full size Pokey.  It was as simple as spin attacking each of his stacked balls until he was nothing more than a head.  Shortly after the Pokey, I came across a hungry Luma, who transformed into a new special planet in the galaxy and a new special sling star.  After finding the five silver stars, the final green star appeared!  I was transported back to the main Comet Observatory platform for a special cutscene.  The Green Launch Star was created, and three new galaxies were made available.  A new Hungry Luma appeared next to the Bedroom Observatory with a special galaxy for me to conquer!  I feed him the required number of star bits, and the Bigmouth Galaxy appeared.  A new enemy awaited me.  A sneaky crab was sidling along the beach.  A Kung Fu Penguin was hanging out, waiting for me to talk to him.  The star was in a golden chest, which required a golden shell to open.  The golden shell was down through the water, with a very strange gravity reversal.  In the end, the star was won, and I was returned to the Comet Observatory.

That’s it for Progress Update 13.  Check back soon for Progress Update 14!

-Because I said so

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