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Donnie vs. Sliding Glass Door

Our dog Donnie finally came here with us earlier this week on Tuesday. The transition from him being solely outside to the apartment has been very smooth, and expensive. Right around the time we got him last year we purchased a squeaky toy that looks just like a squirrel. Ty, the beanie baby company, makes [...]

Year 1 Episode 9 Recap

Hello everybody, Sorry this blog is coming so late in the day but today has been rather interesting and I will be making a separate blog about that. Last night was our ninth episode and all I can say is wow. 9 episodes. We started by showing off our new webcam we purchased this past [...]

Mario Kart Wii

If anyone has ever played any iteration of the Mario Kart series, then you know that the CPU controlled competitors start getting extremely cheap near the end of races. Mario Kart Wii is no different than previous releases in the series.  It introduces motorbikes as vehicles, with the 50cc races being confined to karts, 100cc [...]

Introducing our new “Inquiries Presented More Often Than Not” page!

Oftentimes, people will have inquiries that are more common than not.  These inquiries, more often than not, will be presented to a person of supposed authority on the subject at hand, with the assumption that they will be able to provide an answer to the inquiry. We have received one such inquiry. Sort of. To [...]

Donnie the Dog

We brought our dog Donnie over to the apartment last night.  We paid our pet deposit, picked up a lot of crap for the apartment, and brought him home.  He has to sleep in an enclosure, because otherwise he’d piss and crap all over the apartment (bye bye, $450), because he is a crap factory. [...]

CPR done the cool way

Not everyone knows how to do CPR; at least, not properly.  Whether it’s the location to pump, the number of pumps, the beat of the pumps, or something else, most people do not have the knowledge required to safely administer CPR. Until today!  (for the beat portion, at least). I heard about this ages ago, [...]

The Dark Kung Fu Knight Panda

So Lindsey sends me an IM today mentioning that Target is having a sale on DVDs.  She mentions Wall-E, then The Dark Knight and Kung Fu Panda.  For various reasons, we do not yet own The Dark Knight or Kung Fu Panda, which, for me, is very strange.  I have a very large collection of [...]

The Twitter Gestapo!

Yesterday, while playing Animal Crossing, Chris and I decided to check out the Married Gamers (Chris and Kelly) live podcast on Ustream. It was really entertaining and we found ourselves laughing a lot. Towards the end of their podcast they mentioned that they were going to get some lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Chris was in the [...]

Year 1 Episode 8 Recap

So last Friday was our 8th episode. Crazy to think that we have been doing our MehCasts for about 2 months now but it’s been great. Prior to the show we were at the local Tweet Up that I mentioned in a recent blog. We were originally going to try and air the show from [...]

I want my money, bitch!

In an earlier blog posted about a week and a half back my terrible H&R Block story was told. Some of you might remember the ordeal I had to go through just to file my taxes and some of you might not. Basically I went through a bunch of bull just to file simple taxes [...]

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